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Addiction Education

What is an Addiction? Is it really a disease like cancer?

Does it really matter what label we place on it?

Many people struggling with a mental illness will abuse substances as a way of self
medicating.  One survey estimated that more than 23 million Americans over the age of 12
meet the criteria for alcohol and other drug dependence.

A young man asked his grandfather about the world and why it is the way it is. The old man
looked the young man in the eye and said, "In this world there are two wolves at war.
One desires and one does not.". The young man then asked the old man,
"Which one will win this war?"
The old man replied; "The one you feed."

Whether it be their so called "War on Terror" or their "War on Drugs"
the Ruling Class always profit. It is we who allow them.

As a former pot smoker, one of the greatest truths I wish to convey to my readers is;
An addiction is an addiction, no matter what label we place on it, nor how we work to justify it.

In that, we will be constantly searching for the right drug, the correct clothing, the
perfect hair cut, the bigger house, the coolest car, the next pornography image
or the next pull of the slot machine handle hoping it will fulfill our desire for the ultimate high.

The problem is, it will never happen, because again,
"One is to many, and a thousand will never be enough"
The only shame with any addiction is refusing to admit that you are the problem.

Before, I delve into alcohol and other drug addiction solutions, I first wish to try to explain our addiction to the physical
universe. However, the only way most of my readers are going to be able to understand this is by first reading various pages
on this website. Apparently, our greatest addiction is to that of the physical universe. Apparently, most, if not all of us have
become addicted to the physical world. I will now try to put it in a nut shell;

However, if you are unfamiliar with higher dimensional thought transference, then I highly recommend reading this page
before you continue.

"Q: (L) Are human beings entrapped within physical matter?
A: By choice.

Q: (L) Why did they (We) make this choice?
A: To experience physical sensations. It was a group mind decision.

Q: (L) Who was in charge of the group?
A: The group.- The Wave Series

We each obviously have an individual personality, no two are the exact same, but are currently, unbeknownst to most of us
also have a unique energy signature like a physical finger print. And that, all our energy signatures combined creates a soul
grouping with its own energy signature which creates an vibrational patterning which is felt/read by our higher realms of

Apparently, in order to encourage our group soul to experience the physical realms, our earth-suits were purposefully crafted,
maybe manipulated by physical creators using various DNA from various life forms already existing within the physical
universe. Once the window was opened, those desiring our group to try out these earth-suits said "look what we are doing,
would you also like to try it too?"

Once there, our group consciousness became addicted to, and is now trapped within endless cycles of physical death and
rebirth. Apparently, this will continue until we, as a group soul become the desired frequency which allows us to begin moving
towards our higher frequencies of conscious awareness.

I'd say physical sex was a primary factor. It seems this is how our group soul may have become trapped here. However, it may
all be part of our learning adventure. However, if we'd known just how difficult the physical realms are, would we have agreed
to come here? If we had not agreed, or manipulated into agreeing, we would have missed our chance to experience this grand
adventure of learning how to overcome our own inner selfishness.

It seems to me that pain and sorrow are our greatest teachers. Therefore, let us learn the lessons we came here to learn, and
be grateful for all things.

The Law of One & Drug Use;

“Questioner: The instrument wanted to ask if there were any other substances, foods, etc. that she should not eat or drink or
things that she should not do because she does not wish to have poor contact for any reason.
Ra: I am Ra. There is no activity which this instrument engages in which affects abilities negatively. There is one activity which
affects its abilities positively. This is the sexual activity, as you would call it. There are substances ingested which do not aid
the individual in the service it has chosen, this being that which you would call the marijuana. This is due to the distortion
towards chemical lapses within the mind complex causing lack of synaptic continuity. This is a chemical reaction of short

This instrument, however, has not used this particular substance at any time while performing this service. We believe we have
covered the use of such chemical agents as LSD, this being positive to a certain extent due to the energizing or speeding up
of the vital forces. However, it is not recommended for this instrument due to the toll it takes upon the vital energies once the
substance wears off. This being true of any speeding-up chemical.

Questioner: What cause or complex of causes has led to the instrument’s chest cold, as it is called?
Ra: I am Ra. This distortion towards illness was caused by the free will of the instrument in accepting a chemical substance
which you call LSD. This was carefully planned by those entities
(Orion-service-to-self orientation known to most as “Devil or evil”) which
do not desire this instrument to remain viable.

The substance has within it the facility of removing large stores of vital energy from the ingestor. The first hope of the Orion
entity which arranged this opportunity was that this instrument would become less polarized towards what you call the positive.
Due to conscious efforts upon the part of this instrument, using the substance as a programmer for service to others and for
thankfulness, this instrument was spared this distortion and there was no result satisfactory to the Orion group.

Questioner: The instrument asks how long will the debilitating effects that I am experiencing due to the LSD last, and is there
anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable?
Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, the period of weakness of bodily complex is approximately three of your lunar cycles, the first ingestion
causing approximately one of your lunar cycles; the second having a cumulative or doubling effect.”

The Wave Series Transcripts & Drug Use;

"Q: (L) Carlos Casteneda writes about the peyote beings called “Mescalitos.” This being supposedly is part of the peyote
plant, a sort of being from the plant. Is this true?
A: No.

Q: (L) What beings does one encounter when one eats a bunch of peyote?
A: Hallucination.

Q: (L) Why are these hallucinations so consistent?
A: Because those that do have that expectation. If you ate enough peyote you would encounter Santa Claus if that was your
expectation. (Much laughter)

Q: (L) One of the questions on the list is: In many of the Sumerian drawings and literature, the gods, the Annunaki, are
described as eating a plant that grew at the bottom of the ocean, and this plant was the source of eternal life.
A: Nonsense! The source of eternal life is existence!

Q: (L) Well, the point was that there was some sort of food that these beings ate that was unusual or different that somehow
enhanced their abilities to an extreme degree…
A: Totally false and you should know it!! All so-called “special powers” come from non-physical sources!!!

Q: I want to you to know that a fan was not happy with what he considered to be “internal inconsistencies” in that you were
NOT favorably disposed toward hallucinations produced by substances such as Mescaline and Ayahuasca, but yet you
recommend Melatonin because the fan believes that Melatonin is a form of hallucinogen.

Then, you said that spiritual powers could not be obtained through chemicals or plant type means, but then said that Melatonin
exercises psychic abilities. Could you comment on this?
A: Melatonin does not force an alteration in physiological brain chemicals, as do mescaline, peyote, LSD, etc. Accessing the
higher levels of psychical awareness through such processes is harmful to the balance levels of the prime chakra.
This is because it alters the natural rhythms of psychic development by causing reliance on the part of the subject, thus
subjugating the learning process. It is a form of self-imposed abridging of free will.

Melatonin simply allows the system to clear obstructions in the brain chemistry naturally, thereby allowing the subject to
continue to learn at a natural pace. And, it is by no means unimportant that melatonin is a natural body hormone. The other
substances mentioned are, at least in part, synthetic, with the exception of peyote. But even that is not a natural ingredient of
the human physiological being.

Q: Can anything be done about the physiology of my son's adverse behavior, such as a tea, or an herb, or a supplement that
will help him? Something to ease that for him?
A: Would be unwise. Might lead to still further substance experimentation.

Q: What substance experimentation?
A: You know them as drugs.

Q: Why would giving a tea or herbal preparation lead to substance abuse or experimentation?
A: Leads one of “a tender stage” to believe the answers lie within physical solutions."

My Addiction;

I grew up around my folk's beer and wine bars within a logging/mining community. I thought people getting drunk and beating
the shit hell out of each other was normal behavior. During my teen years, as long as my friends and I stayed home, we were
allowed to have fermented spirits. I then continued to use them to get myself and the ladies loosened up, clear up into my late

By the time many of my friends had begun shooting-up cocaine, I was just beginning to try pot. I'll never forget the first time the
THC had an effect on me. I laid on the bathroom floor for hours experiencing a distorted realm of consciousness that today
would almost
seem humerus.

Why I smoked pot clear up into my early 40s, I really can't say. I seem to have enjoyed the rush of the exhale, but had a
disdain for the  after effects. And why I continued to try other drugs clear up into my late 20s, thinking back now, was because I
was curious. Now I can't stand being high. Even drinking to much coffee begins to irritate me. In my mid 40s I returned to
school. Upon graduation I then opened a recovery center with two of my senior classmates. What an experience that was!

What is an Addiction?

It appears that because we are spiritual being having a physical experience we often become confused hoping to fulfill our
spiritual needs with artificial stimulants, thus finding our-self even more confused and empty.  

If you have not opened this window yourself, chances are you have a love one whose addiction is holding everyone hostage.
Therefore, the addict is going to require that you understand the mechanics of addiction, because addicts are often convinced
that the worlds problems are created by others, and NOT their own-self.

If that loved one can't survive a month or even as much as a day without engaging in some form of either unlawful, unhealthy,
unethical, self-destructive, or otherwise risky behavior, chances are they have an unconscious death wish, or desire for chaos
because even chaos can become addictive.

If you are the one who suspects that you may have a problem with an addiction and you need further evidence, ask your-self
the following questions; How has your spiritual, physical and mental health been lately? Has law enforcement had to help you
manage your life lately? Has your boss, your spouse, or maybe your kid or other family member said that your addiction has
become a problem for them, but you just can’t understand why?  

Is frustration eating a hole in your soul, and you feel in your heart that your addiction has progressively began to take control
over you, rather than you controlling it? Or have you been allowing your-self to justify it because the world is going to hell
anyway, so what is the use in trying?  

I have news for you; The world is entering a cleansing fire, but please do not view it as negative because it's merely ending a
cycle and beginning the birthing the next. However, if you are using excessive artificial stimulation like alcohol or other drugs to
allow yourself to engage in risky behaviors, you need to think hard about what you are doing and why.

But then, it is your freewill choice to do whatever it is you wish to do. Just make sure that whatever you do, you do NOT cause
harm to anyone else.  

Many of us tend to internalize the worlds problems. We try to carry its weight on our shoulders and as the world continues to
grow ever more cold, callous and calculating just to survive its-self it begins to pull us down more and more each day. DO NOT

If we wish to recover from an addiction, first we must learn to deal with the painful anger at the injustice we all witness each
day. Our first task is to learn to accept the things that we can not change, change the things that we can, but to realize there
are some things in this world that are just as they are supposed to be at this point in human development. And the sooner we
come to terms with this reality, the better off the world, for us, will be.

We have all experienced events in our lives that we have allowed to define who we believe we are. These events often lead us
to believe that we were not good enough or have failed our-self or, worse, others. Again we have lied to our-self, and the sad
part of all is that , most of us believed our own lies. I now hope to expose these discrepancies by painting these self-destructive
thoughts and behaviors with bright colored paint to allow you to detect, arrest, and replace these ideals with hopeful thoughts
and healthy desires.

However, no matter how much our tester begs, pouts, cries or pleads with its hostage, the hostage must learn not to listen to
its allure. Because if you allow complacency into your mentality, it will continuously fight back resisting change. Therefore, no
matter how much one thinks one knows, anger, resentments, cravings, obsessions and adverse addictions know the heart of
all, better than any of us  know our-selves.

I hope my readers now all understand that all forms of adverse addictions have their roots in the same ground, and that all
adverse addictions are acts of self-survival or rebellion towards flawed ideals. It has been my observation that all addictions
have their roots in fear of the unknown and/or trauma. Trauma meaning some negative influence that we felt powerless to
control. Therefore, when we fail to deal with trauma's feelings of loss, we seek a way to numb the pain.

We often begin our journey into the world of artificial stimulation out of curiosity or peer pressure. For many of us it becomes
our "out" or a mechanism to be more socially acceptable. For others it's a relaxation technique. Some appear to have the
ability to maintain reasonable use, whiles others, quite obviously, can not. For many of us addiction is progressive, taking us
places we swore we'd never go.

For others, it appears that in life there are conditions that cause some of us to become curious. Just mark a door with a
"Danger" sign and see how fast this personality type wants to open the door to see for its-self. Soon the allure takes these
captive and addiction slowly takes hold.

No matter how we get there, for most of us the results are always the same; guilt, frustration, jails, institutions or the early
death of our earth-suit. Therefore, again; We must now learn to allow the world to do what it is going to do.

Families are crumpling, kids are running rouge, it's a sign of the times. Therefore, we must learn to deal with the adverse
feelings and emotions that we feel. We must learn to cry and express our pain in healthy ways. We must tell our-self that it is
okay to feel the pain, it is a process.  Pain is a healing tool, our helper, but only if we understand and utilize it properly.

If we do not learn to express our feelings, we will continue using artificial stimulation to numb ours-self and soon we become
prisoners, whores of our own addictive brain chemistry. In order to maintain the same level of comfort, the more heinous the
addiction must become. Therefore, all addictions are progressive.

These chemicals then allow for a faults sense of security through denial and its insanity. Therefore, as traumatized, angry and
often sorrowful peoples these brain chemicals often become our only means of escaping our-self and the harms that we
maintain in this, a confusing, self-destructive and to often, what "appears" to us as an unjust world.

You are not going to see justice in this world until a "time" to come. Therefore, you must learn to face our fears. Mankind is
currently residing within a service-to-self alignment that is incapable of true justice simply because the service-to-self mentality
creates denial and co-dependency that lacks wisdom to help us come these obstacles..

When most of us think of addiction, we think only of alcohol and other drugs. Co-dependency is an addition. Selfishness is an
addiction. Pride is an addiction, just as can be organized religion. For some of us anger and rage has become our addiction
just as much as materialism, or over eating. These all cause the brain to rewire itself. These are all expressions of
hopelessness, and both are signs of lack of trust in the process. Therefore, from now on whenever you see chemical addiction
words used, always put your particular type of addiction in the place of.

There is a major spiritual component for all of us in recovery. Here is where beliefs vary greatly because everyone's
understanding of a God or deity varies. After studying the Hebrew scriptures for the last twenty years I have come to the
conclusion that there is no hell, with the exception of the one we have already co-create, and that religion was not created to
set us free, but rather to enslave us within a fear based system of control. Therefore, we must allow the spirit-self within to be
our guide, rather than seeking such outside of our-self.

I understand how easy it is to get caught up in the world today, the glitz and glamor is all so enticing. However, it always leads
us back to that empty and lonely place. The world and its materialistic media is so loud that it rings in our ears causing most of
our youth to fall pray to its allure. Some people of great faith even struggle everyday.

With all that stated

Stay accountable, your bags, pockets and your life must now be an open book. If you have anything to hide, you are ready
to relapse. Remember this; "It is the secrets that we keep, that keep us sick" Therefore, No more excuses, and No more hiding!
Denial is Not a river in Egypt, it is a heart condition that will lead you back to the gates of self-imposed hell if you do not
manage your free-will..

Stay away from slippery people, places and things, especially your own-self!

And if you think you are to good to enroll into a lower cost treatment system, you are missing the point!

One thing that I discovered is that cost does not always have a variance on the quality of care. In fact, I have witnessed a few
families and corporations pay big bucks for people to learn how to live without their addiction, only to finally be freed at one of
the lower cost centers where I worked. Again, it’s all about the hearts willingness to comply with the process, and not how nice
the treatment center is.

Now be patent with your-self. Take it one day at a time. Begin by learning to know thy-self. When this is achieved it will be
reflected in the way you treat your-self and other. And do not argue! No one knows for sure what is real and what is not.
Therefore, find ways not to argue with others because it's just not worth it. Do not allow pride to destroy you before you even
get started. Ask yourself, “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy and well adjusted?

Is time to learn to become willing to change every aspect of your life. Hold nothing back. You must now give up every cookie in
the cookie jar! Leave no stone unturned! There are no magic wands, no silver bullets nor correct words anyone can say. Its
now up to you and your willingness to change the way you view your-self and the world around you.

I wish thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

I hope that something here resonated within you that may help.

I also wish you the very best on your inner journey of self-discovery.
It is you who allows the
opportunist opportunity.
Welcome to my
Addiction Education Pages