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Treatment centers, rehabs are a great place to start the recovery
process. However, 30 or 60 day treatments are often not enough time
for most people to release all of their pinned up painful
feelings, emotions and disappointments.

Do you have an addictive personality?

Before beginning an intervention
with a loved one please read my Co-Dependency page so you
better understand your own emotional bondage to see if
you are part of the problem.

Tools to help understand addiction;

AA Big book
Online (HERE)

Alcoholics Anonymous (HERE)

Narcotics Anonymous  (HERE)


Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings (HERE)

Portal tools Meetings (HERE)

12 Step Meetings (HERE)

Here is an excellent
Recovery Support Forum
for those willing to learn and support  (HERE)

The All Treatment Website
lists a series of Educational Articles,
various Addictive Drug Types
and Treatment Centers

Centers 4 Treatment

Welcome to my
Addiction Education Pages