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Many have the misconception people
only steal because they are poor.  

For some the thrill of being caught, which causes the brain to flood
the blood stream with fight or flight chemicals, is addictive.

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I have an older brother who learned to steal by way of hunger. By the time he was in his 20s he begin a career dealing crooked
cards for the Mafia in Las Vegas. The thrill of staying one step ahead of the law, always living on the edge of being exposed
became his addiction. What began as survival lead this charismatic personality type, now in his late 70s, with no other
employment skills except running scams on unsuspecting people.

I've no hard evidence, only suspicion due to my observations of watching people play, that slot machines create an electro
magnetic field which excite the brain into releasing pleasure causing chemicals into the human blood stream much the way
other electronic devises, such as cell phones, IPads, video games, etc...

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