Home for sale in Oroville California 325,000.
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Home for sale by owner overlooking Oroville California


As much as we have enjoyed our little piece of Paradise in the
Foothills of Northern California, the time has come
for us to down size closer to town

This home is located at the 2,000 foot elevation on almost
7 acres over looking the valley off of Black Bart Road

If you wish to make an appointment to see the home or have questions,
please leave your name and call back number @ 530-589-1080
(We do NOT answer the phone, but MAY hear you and pick up)
Or email me @ ray@focusonrecovery.net

Please be sure to type "Re; 120 Shenandoah Ln" into your
subject line so I am sure to see it, thank you
Home for sale in Oroville California 325,000
The living room was crafted in the 1970s
using pine trees cut on this property

Construction of the rest of
the home began around 2002

Notice the wood stove oven where
I do most of our cooking in the winter

The evaporative cooler does a great job.
In winter we use an inferred heater when it
is not cold enough for the wood stove

The home is well insulated and has the
duck work for use of a heating/cooling unit

However, since our electric bill has
never been higher than $200, we never
added a heating/cooling unit
The upstairs has 2
A framed bedrooms,
1 bathroom with tiled
shower and a bonus
room in the center

The down stairs has
2-14' x 14' bedrooms,
1 bathroom, with a laundry/
pet bedroom
There are hook-ups for
water, power, septic and
phone next to the fence
line where the previous
owner's mother had
lived in an RV

There is also a large pad
where the previous
owner's father had lived
in a single wide mobile
home at the top of the
property that also has a
beautiful view
Here begins the  
Sierra Nevada
Mountain Range
35 X 25 foot vegetable

What we don't eat in
summer, I can for winter
There is no better way to start the day then
sitting in a comfortable chair drinking coffee,
overlooking the view, watching the wildlife
while enjoying the peaceful serenity
From this glassed in deck we can see
Table Mountain and the Coast Range

At night we can see the lights of the
various towns between here and the
Coast Range
The observation deck is
NOT bolted, nor nailed
into the tree
This is what it
looked like when
we first saw it in
the fall of 2011
I had planned to
attach an awning
over our parking
area here
They trade off meeting at
each others home to have
dinner together each month

All are wonderful people whom
we will always love dearly
Meet most of
And not one admittes to being a wanted felon ^_^
"Take the d#&n
picture TODAY
Ray!"- GI Jerry
14' x 14'
bedroom with
door leading
14' x 14'
with extra
large closet
We will pay for escrow
and title transfer fees

You would be required
to pay for any inspection
costs you, or your
lender requires

The previous owner/contractor
had lost it to foreclosure in
2011 before he was able
to complete it

I finished the inside... (Minus floor
covering in the upstairs bonus
room and doors in the up stairs
bed rooms)

Did all of the outside rock work...

Including a fenced in raised
rock vegetable garden...

Cleared a fire break...

Glassed in the deck...

Built the well house...

Built a cinder block cold storage/
emergency shelter
with an earthen roof...

Placed a 8' x 16' metal
storage container next to the
12' x 16' workshop...

Plumbed in a 4,000 gal. rain water
collection/storage system...

Installed a back-up generator...

and much more