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I am a Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist

After having had worked many years in the construction field, I then
began managing our local soup kitchen on Saturday mornings while
working for UPS.

After 15 years with UPS, I then returned to school. After graduation I
have since worked with both the mentally and physically challenged,
and in social model alcohol & other drug treatment communities.

However, now retired, the only public contact I engage in
is the on-line sharing of ideals.

Separation is an illusion. We are all fragments of the same
whole, each now having an individual personality which is
currently having its own unique experience.

This website was established to present evidence to help facilitated the raising of conscious awareness.

About me

I am a citizen of planet earth.

Therefore, I have NO emotional loyalty to any nation or state, nor do I claim to be an authority on any subject matter. I am the
fool whom swims against the current of conformity, thusly I am an awakening sovereign integral, a fragment of the whole, a
possible wanderer, a participating observer on The Yellow Brick Road, a pantheist of unification,

I have not yet become, I am becoming, thus I am a bridge between current Old World Moralistic Dogmatic Disorder (The
Saviorship Drama which keeps us dependent upon a hero system based on blind faith void of reason requiring submission
which then creates fear, division and judgment) and a coming New World Ethical Order (synthesis, healing, knowing). Having
learnt the lessons within the cycles of disharmony, cycles of harmony follow... aka Ordo Ab Chao.

If you knew me long enough you might conclude that I do not have a "go along to get along" personality type.

But rather I am a bit of a non-conformist.

If you wish to better understand what I am about, please read my
One Planet, One Unified People page (HERE)

Primary Home Page HERE
Me at The Inn Skip Inn in 1961

About Me

Me while living at The Inskip Inn,
Northern California, summer of 1961
I present
you decide.
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