The commentary on this website is of Fair Use. If any portion is used, please give the website a back link http://www.focusonrecovery.net

The perspectives "quoted" on this website are the perceptions of
various realms of consciousness residing outside the time and
space continuum. Those not quoted are my explanations of those
various perceptions.

If you are incapable of using your own Intuition as a BS detector,  
then it may be best that you continue seeking your information from
CNN, churches and other corporate propaganda outlets.

Nothing contained on this website, or any related material is
intended to be used for diagnosis/treatment, or as a substitute for
consultation by a so called "Qualified Professional".

Knowledge of creational law is our most powerful deception defence.
Therefore, most are vulnerable.
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Me while living at The Inskip Inn,
Northern California, summer of 1961
I present
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Welcome to Focus on Recovery's

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