Family is any person we trust to meet our mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

As encoded within the DNA of us all is a need to
be needed, loved, heard and understood.

Family is Prime Creator's gift to its-self, and is
the cornerstone of the creation.

However, there are powers and principalities working
hard to disrupt this most important modality.

We find them in every source of media, on every
street corner and in every newsstand begging
for our attention.

You see, everything in our world is oxymoronic.
The AMA treats symptoms rather than heal causes,
most lawyers seek wealth over justice,
many in law enforcement shoot first,
NATO solders, unknowingly gain and protect
corporate interests around the globe,  
universities disguise knowledge,
corporations control politicians,
the major media twists truth
and Abrahamists are taught to hate other
forms of Abrahamism.

So why is this? Is there an unknown force plotting against our species trying to maintain dominance over our Effect page
(HERE) before you leave, but understand, reading a page or two on this, or on any website is not going to be enough
evidence to paint the entire picture because the creation is difficult to understand from our limited perspective.

Apparently, the civilization currently on planet earth, much like all other physical realms of consciousness residing within the
creation is a comic drama, an experiment of many such experiments. Some of great success regarding harvestability, while
others have been a total failure. So far, ours is not working well. Apparently, there will be a low harvestability rate come the
Realm Border Crossing. This may be due to the manipulation of earth's Loosh energy field

By allowing the free-will directive, apparently the goal is to see if the separate selfish-self (our current orientation, the fallen
estate) can recognize its-self within the other-self in order to allow the synthesis model to replace the current Saviorship
drama. I know..WHAT? If you wish to try to understand, you must do what I did,
READ, a lot!

Family vs Community, Co-operation rather than Competition;

"The rich will always be with us," so we are told. Will they? "Rich" means disproportionately well off. Why should others in a
community of so-called equals permit a few amongst them to commandeer an excessive share of the resources? Extreme
wealth implies a master and slave culture. The masters take whatever they want and the slaves are too scared to challenge
them. In a true community, based on equality and respect, there are no masters and no slaves, hence there are no rich.
Only those who support master and slave societies advocate the "right" of a few people to enjoy enormous wealth.

The real struggle in the world is between two different visions of society, one based on family and one on community. In the
family vision, family is the basic unit of society. Everything revolves around family. Virtually everyone in the world buys into
the belief that family is the most important thing. There is relentless propaganda on behalf of the family. Yet anyone who
cares to stop and think will see that we have been betrayed by the gospel of family. We know what this model of society
gives us - the grim world we see all around us, the hateful arena of the Old World Order.

How do families operate? They put their interests above everyone else's. Parents openly proclaim their intention to do
whatever it takes to make sure their children prosper, even if that involves sabotaging the interests of other families.
Straight away, a platform for selfishness and division exists. Society based on family is a dog-eat-dog culture based on the
particular wills of families rather than the general will of the community.

Journalist Minette Marrin in The Sunday Times said that "pushy parents" are "social Darwinists", red in tooth and claw.
"Before their babies are even born they've set them down for favoured schools."

How can unconnected, impoverished parents, struggling to make a living, compete with parents who know all of the people
worth knowing and have the money to pay for anything they need?

Families, in order to bolster their power and influence, make alliances with similar families. Jewish families gravitate towards
other Jewish families, Muslim families to other Muslim families. Wealthy families surround themselves with other wealthy
families. Masonic families seek out other Masonic families. The families of rich bankers spend their time in the company of
other rich bankers. Privileged, elite families come together with other privileged, elite families to build a mutual back-
scratching empire of power over lesser families. Families ally themselves with similar families to achieve their collective
ends. They ignore or actively exploit lesser families. They show solidarity with those who are like them and contempt for
those who are not.

Many families from the lower reaches of society are completely dysfunctional. Many have fallen apart. The children of such
families are almost guaranteed lives of misery. Why doesn't the State help them? Because the State itself is based on
prosperous, stable families. So the State, rather than governing in the interests of all of the people, in fact governs on
behalf of successful families. What kind of State is that? No State at all. That is an oligarchy.

But the lesser families don't complain. They aspire to join the privileged elite. They admire the privileged elite. They read
books about how the privileged elite succeeded and try to emulate them. That's how deluded and brainwashed they are.

In a community based on equality and respect, no family would dare to show such disrespect to other families as to try to
commandeer excessive resources for themselves, to try to rig the game in their favour at the expense of others. In a
community, parents of one family would be as interested in the success of the children of another family as they are in their
own. If it became obvious that the children of other families were more talented than their own children, they would support
the advancement of those children over their own. That is what meritocracy means. Everyone in a meritocratic society is
duty-bound to identify the most meritorious amongst them, no matter what background they come from.

If the most meritorious are promoted to the leading positions in our society, rather than the spoiled children of privileged
elites, our society will be transformed. Everyone in society, whether from a dysfunctional family or not, can rely on the State
to do its best for them. Our society at the moment is not inclusive. Everyone can see the extreme difference between the
haves and the have-nots. The have nots know the State is not interested in them, so they often become criminals,
malcontents, or take whatever welfare they can from the State with no intention of paying anything back. And they are right
to do so. Why should anyone help a State that doesn't operate in their interests? If a State does not support the general will
then it is illegitimate, a concealed tyranny that is promoting the sectional interests of the elite that holds all of the power in
society. It is a disgrace that nations such as America and Great Britain describe themselves as "democracies". They are
plutocracies: they are ruled by the rich.

Family is the bedrock of the Old World Order. The OWO are a group of dynastic families who have played the family game
in the optimal way, and secured permanent power and riches for themselves. Look at the infamous Rothschild family. That
family has held vast power for millennia and will do so for millennia to come unless  it is stopped. Why should people be
allowed to enjoy the finest and easiest of lives simply because their name is "Rothschild." Meritocracy will sweep away all of
the dynastic families.

Why do the Illuminati advocate meritocracy? For two simple reasons.
1) It is objectively the best form of government and
2) it destroys the power of the Old World Order.

There is no reason why the Old World Order would wish to abandon the family model of society. It has given them
everything they desire. There is every reason why families who do not belong to the Old World Order should wish to turn to
community instead. Only a fool plays a game rigged against him. The best parents, those who genuinely want to give their
children the best chance in life, must do something remarkable. They must embrace community, which means treating the
children of other families as of equal importance to their own. Can you imagine how the world would be transformed? Yet it
is the most difficult transition confronting humanity. And the Old World Order will do everything to stop it. They despise
community. They want to be the masters who lead the herd. They don't want to help anyone to whom they are not related
or allied. The last thing they desire is for their privileged children to be competing on an equal footing with all other children,
because then they can no longer guarantee the outcome. Meritocracy is all about making everyone stand at the same
starting line, rather than allowing the privileged to buy starting positions much closer to the finishing line, ensuring that they
always win." - From a group claiming to be members of an ancient society most call "
The Illuminati"    

What does the term "Traditional, and/or Family Values" mean to me?

I grew up sitting on the front porch of my folk's lodge in the early 60s watching the deer eat the leftovers while visiting with
the guests of the lodge. I have fond memories of hearing their many stories of the days gone by. Hour after hour I heard
about the Great Depression and how they had survived it and how grateful they all were for what it taught them.

It must have been a difficult time for many, however they each seemed to have gained valuable insights, had grown and
become resolute. I believe we are coming upon that time again, when the cosmos will have many difficult lessons to teach
us, as it had the generations before the present.

To me, that was the foundation for The Traditional Family. They did what they had to do, caring for others, letting none go
without, as long as one had extra to share. The days when a man's word meant something, when locks were rather useless
because people cared for one another, all were family, every stranger a friend.        

Traditional Family Values;

”Are terms to describe a set of moral beliefs by religious conservatives within a nation lacking morality.” - Wikipedia

It appears that the concept of traditional family values has manifest from religiosity rather than from relationships. Yet what
was considered traditional in a previous generation may not have the same meaning in the generation that precedes it.

Therefore, it appears that the term Traditional Family is subject to debate. If a debate is required in order to rediscover the
true meaning of Traditional Family Values, then at the very core of this debate must be; what is best for the children?

Does this then mean that what is best for the children is marriage between one man and one woman as the Abrahamic
Scriptures suggest? It would appears so, as it appears that the best way for children to learn their roles is through both role
models being represented. However, a loving environment is paramount to a child's development. Therefore, if same sex
couples can provide such, let it be so.   

However, for hundreds of years the ruling class elite has been using their moral law against us rather than allowing ethical
law to guide our children's mentality. It is good that children learn tolerance and respect for others, however they also must
be taught their responsibilities in a society.

However, because the elite’s corporate medias have taught our children materialism is the goal to their success, rather then
teaching them their responsibility to themselves and others, our civilisation is crumbling.

Quite obviously children require love, care and concern. However, in an age that teaches materialism as the primary goal, it
then appears that most people today have a deeper desire for status pro-quo in their cars, clothes and other possessions
rather than in their children's development, thus placing an enormous burden on the family both, financially and emotionally.

However, the catalyst is here to change all this. As we will soon realize that morality and materialism is slowly being replaced
with ethics and a commonsense paradigm in order to restore old school family values.

For many years the various medias have been allowed to create unrealistic expectations, thus allowing frustrations to begin
taking hold allowing various forms of addiction such as vanity, workaholicisum, alcohol and other drug use. Depression is
also at an all time high because people are having difficulty with both, various chemically contaminated environments
propagated by the industrial revolution and the stresses of not feeling adequate to keep up with the pressures in a society
geared towards appearance and material performance as its game plan. With the forces of materialism at work in our
society today a vicious cycle of events has caused many of our children to run riot lacking proper role models for them to

I have concluded that children must be supervised 24/7 and given a strong ethical, rather than a moral foundation in order
to build their lives on, as moral law is at the very heart of societies woes. Moral law works to find fault in what it does not
wish to understand nor accept. By design It seeks the difference, rather than the similarities, the faults, rather than the
perfection in progress, it creates classes, rather than families, it seeks to divide, rather than to unite.

Because of corporate greed, both parents must work, thus causing our children to often lack proper supervision, therefore,
the guidance they demand in their developing years. If all children ever realize in their developing years is a desire to
compete for things in order to feel as if they won, then winning and things become a heavy burden to carry. "Never
measure wealth using money". - Robert Duvall  

Medias have caused us to become human doings, rather than human beings. Most people can't sit and just visit anymore,
like little children we feel we need to be constantly entertained with stuff.

When we moved from our front porches to our back decks, we lost our sense of neighborhood. When we placed our elderly
in convalescent hospitals, rather than caring for them in our homes, we lost our sense of family support and security. When
mom was forced by various ideas and taxations to leave the home in order to work for consumer goods, our children began
raising themselves, and today we see the consequence of replacing our old school values with stuff.

The time has finally come to take back our families from those who wish to destroy it. To protect the rights of our families to
live in peace and harmony without the medias that promotes envy, greed, materialism, pornography and other sexual
deviancies.  It is time to shut the TV of commercialism off, to put the bottle of their pain and sorrow down, to flush the meth
of their madness.

It is time to replace lawns with vegetable gardens, swimming pools with green houses. It is time to make sacrifices, to give
up material wealth. It is time to replace moral law with ethical values. It is time for one parent to stay home and home school
their children. However, in a time of economic crisis it becomes rather difficult to maintain a family without both parents
working. Therefore, it will take planning and a strong resolve, because if something is not done to stop this cycle soon, this
world will self-destruct.

They say it takes a village to raise a healthy child, consisting of uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, even neighbors
watching out for each others kids, a communal, self-sustaining society, where everyone works at something productive.
However, because of prides independent nature, most families can't stand to be around each other much longer than it
takes to eat a Thanksgiving dinner.

However, the cosmos has a plan. Times are going to get much tougher causing many more people to fall on hard times.
People who have enjoyed their independence will soon be forced to move in with family and friends. As difficult as this may
be for some to accept, this controlled demolition of the worlds economy is part of a perfect plan to bring people to their
knees, to swallow their pride, to make amends with loved ones, to reunite families and to end materialism.  If you are
struggling with family conflict, there is resolution help
(HERE)  Learn how to change your mind from negative to positive.

If we wish to survive the difficult days ahead we must stop using credit cards. Other than an education, a new business start-
up, reliable transportation or a home mortgage, we must begin paying cash for everything. If you can't wait until you have
cash to purchase stuff you need, you need to teach yourself to make do with what you have.

Most of the time when you just had to have something so bad that you put it on a credit card, then when the bill showed up
in your mail box is when you realized how much you could have saved by waiting and paying cash for it. Or you realized that
you really did not need it any way. Right!

No one can prove, nor disprove the following information. Watching world events, I find the following to be, if not
valid, at least worthy of my consideration;

The following is an excerpt from a discourse on The Above Top Secret Forum in 2007;

“The Stock Markets will soon complete their controlled demolition. After an initial 'appearance' that the 'bail outs' and
'rescue packages' have steadied the ship, there will be new record lows. Our Financial Institutions will later call in all loans.
There will be many bankruptcies and foreclosures." "Remember, behind the scenes, there is only One Party. Our Party.
'Democracy' is an illusion which is created to uphold your slavery. Whichever side 'wins'; the Family wins."


"Why do you think the media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your
Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you
on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear
and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is,
because of your collective thoughts about it.

You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-
conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our
purpose. It is very important to us, that the Polarization of this planet is Negative at the time of the Great Harvest. That
means Service to Self orientated, as opposed to Positive, Service to Others. We require a Negative Harvest, and you are
doing a fine job of helping us to attain our goal. We are very grateful.”

“Our Lineage can be traced back beyond antiquity. From the earliest times of your recorded "history", and beyond, our
Family has been 'directing' the 'play' from behind the scenes, in one way or another. Before the rise and fall of
(Yes, that was indeed perfectly real). We are 'born to lead'. It is part of the design for this current paradigm” -
Hidden_Hand claims to be a member of the ruling class family.

Are you concerned with foreclosure?

If the powers-that-be stole lands from native peoples in order to sell it to you, what is stopping them from taking the property
you live on in order to sell to someone else?  

Apparently after many years of trading notes back and forth, often mortgage lenders lose track of the original deeds to the
mortgages they service. Some mortgage companies have recently been caught forging documents making it appear that
they hold the original deed to people's property. Therefore, if they can not show proof of the original deed they can not
foreclose on what they can not prove ownership of;
Fight Foreclosure: Make 'Em Produce the Note.

However, if "they" write the laws, what can stop them? Prepare your hearts!

For the more advanced reader wishing to better understand family dynamics; "If the entity is fragmented (non-
complex) into its component parts, its comprehension of free will was limited to that which was circumscribed by the
Hierarchy (elitist mentality). If the entity is a conscious collective, realizing its sovereign (individualism) wholeness, the
principle of free will was a form of structure that was unnecessary like scaffolding on a finished building.

When entities are unknowing of their wholeness, structure will occur as a form of self-imposed security. Through this
ongoing development of a structured and ordered universe, entities defined their borders -- their limits -- through the
expression of their insecurity (such as religion). They gradually became pieces of their wholeness, and like shards of glass
from a beautiful vase they bear little resemblance to their aggregate beauty." -

Thus, we, as a society are yet to return to all we can, and will again become; a complex (reunified with the whole as we
continue our long journey back through the remembrance spiral of our spiritual development).
The commentary on this website is of Fair Use. If any portion is used, please give the website a back link
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