Education or Indoctrination?

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A World Under Siege, What or Who is Teaching Our Kids and What?

Public Schools are Molding Your Children's Minds to a Preset Outcome.

"Back in 1996 when I was fighting against outcome based education I had the following letter published in our local paper. It
explains what I foresaw- and has since been implemented in the US education system. Thought you might like to read it.


It is evident that Mary Cowan, like most people today has not recognized the insidiousness of outcomes-based education.

It could more aptly be termed outcomes-based indoctrination, an effort to control society and produce group players who will be
“politically correct” and moldable—the perfect worker for the New World Order of Big Brother.

This is achieved by psychological manipulation of the traditional belief system and thought processes, but is veiled in secrecy to
keep parents in the dark. ‘

The first step is to eliminate pre-existing values and ideas. The next is to omit academics and reduce knowledge and thought
processes to a very minimal level. (The Whole Language approach is part of this)

Then comes Mastery Learning, the behavior modification process of conditioned learning. The next step is Higher Level
Thinking, which is nothing less than dialectic thinking, a subtle and deceitful tool used by Karl Marx, which results in cognitive
dissonance (disorganization of the mind and behavior.)

The last step is assessment, remediation and reassessment, not to be confused with academic testing. To achieve performance
of the expected outcome, students are subjected to various forms of reinforcement until they give the desired response. No
intellect or understanding is required, only a desire to fit in or gain approval. The real enemy is behaviorism. Our children’s
minds are a terrible thing to lose. Let’s not let independent thinking become a thing of the past."
- Patricia J. D'Amico (Is
retired public school teacher and school board member)

Home Schooling is obviously, again growing in strength. The world's original and most successful educational system has
been resurrected from history as families across the country are seeking answers to the alarming problems, lack of education
and unethical character being built into our Children’s belief systems.

For articles warning against Charter Schools and a vast amount of home school info you must see;
Home School Legal Defense Association (Website HERE)

In a world gone rogue, family values crumbling and our public schools refusing to teach ethical character, but rather, re-
engineering their thought in order to assimilate them into corporate conformity, children are to often left to decide right from
wrong by the merit of the corporate medias.

Because school boards have adopted
Social Engineering (Link to article HERE), many moms, and even some dads, are giving
up the expensive homes and cars to stay home in order to home school their kids.

It is good to give your child a strong foundation before they step out into the world, however, there are major drawbacks to our
current form of public education.
Do not baby your kids! It is imperative that you teach them that the allures of this world are
much like a trap.

Warn them where these traps are so when they get there, and they will, they will know how to avoid them. Please do not set
them up to fail, teach them how to say "No" to the toughest of worldly characters.

Excessive praise may be doing kids more harm than good. A new study shows that when kids are “overpraised,'’ they lose their
will to do better. In today’s modern society people appear to place to much focus on self-esteem, self-actualization and
confidence building, rather than on honesty and character building.

Parents and even some teachers may be giving real goals and achievements a rather short shrift.

Eighth graders in Korea and the United States were asked whether they felt they were good at math. Among the American
students, 39 percent said they were excellent at math, compared to just 6 percent of the Korean eighth graders. But the reality
was somewhat different;

The Korean kids scored far better in math than the over-confident American students.

The notion that you can praise a kid too much is heresy to parents and teachers who have long believed that building self-
esteem should be the cornerstone of education. And if kids believe in themselves, the thinking goes, achievement will naturally

However, confidence doesn't always produce better students, rather humility does.

"Scholastic cites" a 2006 report on education from the Brookings Institution’s Brown Center found that countries in which
families and schools emphasize self-esteem for students lag behind cultures where self-esteem isn’t a major focus.

The problem with this “rah-rah mentality,'’ as the magazine describes it, is that it can take away the sense of satisfaction that
comes from genuine achievement. “Self-esteem is based on real accomplishments,” Robert Brooks, faculty psychologist at
Harvard Medical School, told the magazine. “It’s all about letting kids shine in a realistic way.”

However, the downside of too much praise is that kids may start to focus on the reward rather than what they are learning.
Worse, failure can be devastating and confusing for a student whose confidence is based on an inflated ego, rather than on his
or her actual abilities, the magazine notes.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't praise our kids or that teachers shouldn't’t encourage self-confidence, but rather, self-esteem
should be the result of good grades and achievement, and not based on false accomplishments. Parents and teachers should
be specific rather than general when they dispense praise.

An example of general praise is telling a child, “You’re smart.'’

Specific praise would be to say, “You did a good job reading,'’ or “You did great on your math test.'’

Kids who receive general praise about their abilities are more likely to exhibit “helpless” behavior when they encounter problems
with learning, compared with kids who receive specific praise about their achievement on a task. The reason appears to be that
when a child who knows they are smart feels defeated if they have trouble reading a sentence. But a child who has been told
they are a good reader are more likely to have confidence in that specific ability and work a little harder to tackle a more difficult

In a nut shell; If we give positive feedback, followed by positive tips on betterment, we grant our children the desire to further
achieve, rather than rob them of a desire to improve.
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Are our children truly free to express their-self?

We all require boundaries to keep us safe.
Boundaries, also
help prevent us from causing harm to others.

However, once our children begin learning how to cause no
harm, are they truly free to express their-self, or are public and
private schools more about conformity and compliance rather
than allowing for exploration and free expression?

During my grade school years there were still old school
teachers who forced their students to write only with their
right hand.

I did not think much of it at the time because
I was born right handed.

Is this same mentality still appearing within our schools today?  

Once we forced our children to maintain a set way of thinking
and expressing, we then all become inmates.
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