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Do not trust your doctor, his agenda is to protect his career

The only act more destructive to a child's development than divorce,
is when one parent demonises the other parent.

It is good to allow children to freely express their-self, and to encourage them to think in new ways in order to help them explore their creativity.

But it is also important to teach them to respect everyone else's right to free expression.

As the age of moral judgement is slowly passing away, is it now time to begin teaching our children the ethics  
which allows them to respect themselves and all others right to free expression without fear of judgement?

Public Schools are Molding Your Children's Minds to a Preset Outcome.

"Back in 1996 when I was fighting against outcome based education I had the following letter published in our local paper. It explains what I foresaw-
and has since been implemented in the US education system. Thought you might like to read it.


It is evident that Mary Cowan, like most people today has not recognized the insidiousness of outcomes-based education.

It could more aptly be termed outcomes-based indoctrination, an effort to control society and produce group players who will be “politically correct”
and moldable—the perfect worker for the New World Order of Big Brother.

This is achieved by psychological manipulation of the traditional belief system and thought processes, but is veiled in secrecy to keep parents in the
dark. ‘

The first step is to eliminate pre-existing values and ideas. The next is to omit academics and reduce knowledge and thought processes to a very
minimal level. (The Whole Language approach is part of this)

Then comes Mastery Learning, the behavior modification process of conditioned learning. The next step is Higher Level Thinking, which is nothing
less than dialectic thinking, a subtle and deceitful tool used by Karl Marx, which results in cognitive dissonance (disorganization of the mind and

The last step is assessment, remediation and reassessment, not to be confused with academic testing. To achieve performance of the expected
outcome, students are subjected to various forms of reinforcement until they give the desired response. No intellect or understanding is required,
only a desire to fit in or gain approval

The real enemy is behaviorism. Our children’s minds are a terrible thing to lose. Let’s not let independent thinking become a thing of the past."
Patricia J. D'Amico A retired public school teacher and school board member

We can't walk the path for our children, however we can teach them how to
read the signs along the way.

Humans truly do reap what they sow. Learning how to manage their desires should be one of
their top priorities. Human minds are like computers, it only reads the data it is fed.

There is a tiny membrane in the back of our brain known as the Reticular Activating System.
This system focuses on whatever thoughts that dominate us.

This is why we act on whatever we allow to fill our minds. If we dwell on these thoughts long
enough, our conscious intent creates that reality giving us permission to engage the behavior
of our choice.

This appears to be why so many people engage in unruly behavior after watching or playing
violent video games, and why men rape women after watching continuous pornography.

By the time our youth reaches the age of 14 years old, on average, they have witnessed more
than 4,000 murders on TV, not including violent video games.

So we see that the images we see, are the images that impact our brains. Therefore, kids or
other simpletons who have higher levels of exposure to violence, often have a reduction in
emotional intelligence and social function.

Therefore, the more violence they see, the less reasoned they become. In that, their minds
lose a sense of consequence for their behavior.

It's as if their minds had stored up the destructive behavior, therefore, that's all it knew.

This is why we must keep our kids away from destructive medias. Keep their developing minds
away from the drama that is Paris Hilton. Dress them in appropriate attire, and keep their minds
busy at something constructive at all times.

Karmic effect will allow us to reap what we sow, therefore, choose wisely.

Childhood obesity

Is at epidemic levels. Most kids will argue and
play on your emotions when it comes to

Please do not allow them to hold you hostage.
Put a non-negotiable amount of vegetables on
their plates first.

When the vegies are gone, only then can they
move on to what they prefer to eat.

Kids will not allow themselves to stave, they will
learn to eat what you cook, if you;


If you feel that you need an eating buddy,
get some help.

What we learn in our first few years of life
effects the rest of our days. Therefore, if you
were programed to eat in order to feel comfort,
seek to deprogram yourself so that you do not
program your children with the same
programing that you were taught.

If you truly love your child, learn to say "NO"

Vaccine Refusal Form Non Self-Incriminating

Document of Refusal to Vaccinate

Child’s Name:

Child’s ID #

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name(s)

I acknowledge that my child's medical care provider;

(Medical Care Provider’s name_________________________________________________

has recommended that my child (named above) not receive the checked vaccines:

Hepatitis B vaccine__

Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular Pertussis (DTaP) vaccine__

Diphtheria Tetanus (DT or dT) vaccine__

Haemophilus influenzae__

Type b (Hib) vaccine__

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine__

Polio vaccine (IPV)__

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine__

Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine__

Any and all Influenza (flu) vaccine(s)__

Meningococcal vaccine__

Hepatitis A vaccine__

Other#1 (specify)

Other#2 (specify)

I (name)
have studied both sides of this very controversial subject (vaccination) and have determined
that many facts including the following: One or more aspects of vaccination (I.E. Blood
polluting ingredients, cruelty to animals, cells originating from aborted fetal cells, etc.)  are in
violation of one or more doctrines of at least five (5) of the world's major religions. (Christian,
Judaism, Islam, Buddhist and Hindu.) It is an uncontested scientific fact that a minimum of
90% of todays public health achievements originated in the improvements in sanitation,
nutrition, hygiene and insect control which preceded both specific vaccinations and
antibiotics. No adequate scientific study has ever proved that vaccines give a net benefit to
the recipients.  For certain diseases it is beyond controversy that UNVACCINATED children
have a considerable advantage over their vaccinated counterparts. Many factors have been
considered in reaching the decision that my child's best interest will be served by refusing
the vaccine(s) that are checked above.

Parent/Guardian Signature

Date Witness/or Notary Date

Illegal Immunizations

Big Pharmakeia is giving your kids injections infected with compounds that damage their
immune system and fluoride to lower their I.Q.

Follow the money. Apparently, this is done to keep your kids sick and in need of constant
medications to counteract the damages done by these various symptom treating compounds.

Therefore, if your doctor demands immunizations, seek another doctor.  

No matter how much they threaten you, there are no laws on any books claiming that
you must comply with this gross negligence.

However, you must submit a notarized letter from your pastor or a (responsible) doctor.
It must be addressed to the school board claiming that immunizations go
against your religious beliefs.

If they override your wishes, you have every right to charge the school board with assault with
a deadly weapon. However, if you do not file a letter, they could charge you with child abuse.

Exemption Forms to liberate your children from these deadly vaccinations

Medications are Rarely Necessary

It was noted that the Columbine shooters and
the Oregon killer were all on psychotropic

Apparently, psychotropic drugs promote
suicidal thoughts and other psychopathic
behavior in young people.

I will never forget the day a well intended
school teacher asked me if I would take one
of our traumatised foster children in to see a
doctor to get him on psychotropic medications.

The little guy did not need drugs, most kids
don't, he just needed his father to stop
doing the things that kept getting himself  
placed in jail.

After a few months of living in a stable
environment, and my wife and I reminding
him that his father was doing better,
he calmed down.

However, dealing with his father,
social workers, judges and court
appointed defence lawyers,
I wish I'd had a couple bottles of
Kiddie Calmer for myself ^_^

Unless you have a subconscious desire
to have your family destroyed
never leave your child alone with a
medical practitioner.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is
encouraging pediatricians across the United
States to question your children about you,
your habits, and in some cases have even
filed police reports based on information
gleamed from their suggestive questioning,
according to an opinion article published in the
Boston Herald.

If you are misbehaving, seek help. Question
yourself often if your actions are in the best
interest of your child.

If you must justify your behavior, question it.
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