Flower bed

    Information BACK-UP;

    We purchased your SCIO from; Seriously Smart Technologies on 01/28/2018, The invoice for is in your Yahoo email folder titled
    "Ruthy's biofeedback".

    You have a membership with Seriously Smart Tech;
    Your pass word is in your book

    Here is a link to their training info where you will need your pass word; https://sstoffice.worketc.com/

    Sales & Customer Service: 989-321-2800 ext 1
    Email: sales@SSToffice.com  

    Technical Support & Repairs: 989-321-2800 ext 2
    Email: support@SSToffice.com

    Stefanie Swartzendruber is the general manager/vice-president.
    Email: stefanie@SSTOffice.com | Skype: sst-stefanie.s
    Web Site: http://www.SeriouslySmartTechnologies.com
    Office: Toll Free: 877.777.7384|989.321.2800  Ext 902  
    Physical Address:  5710A Dixie Highway, Saginaw, Michigan,  48601 USA

    Their Information videos; https://store.seriouslysmarttechnologies.com/content/41-vlog

    Their Youtube channel; https://www.youtube.com/user/seriouslysmarttechs?feature=watch

    Their Online Certification program; https://store.seriouslysmarttechnologies.

    Dear Ruthy,

    Welcome to Quantum Academies online certification course.

    These courses meet the requirements set by the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS), and you are encouraged to
    hold a certification through BANHS following the completion of this program.

    You can visit www.banhs.org as well as our website (www.thequantumacademies.com) for more information about the two levels of

    Certified Biofeedback
    Technician and Certified Biofeedback Specialist.
    Completion of the Coaching, Beginners and Biofeedback courses are required for the Technician Level.

    Completion of the first three courses plus the Anatomy and Advanced courses, as well as 300 hours of practical experience are
    required for the Specialist designation.

    Please see the attached document which also explains the certification procedures in detail; (you have a link to this info somewhere)

    Stefan Smith of the Quantum Academies
    (800) 940-9342

    1st the Coaching Course;
    I have setup the video player for you to access the course materials. To access the video player, click the following link: Coaching
    Course; https://aws-cst.clickstreamtv.net/cst/49826282

    Username; is in your book
    Password; is in your book

    SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation) Biofeedback is registered as a Class II Neurological Device by the FDA

    It is legal for anyone to administer such as long as they do not use AMA copy written medical terms such as  diagnose, treat, cure,

    You have an account with QX Subspace, (This is the company Carmon uses) your login is in your book; http://www.qxsubspace.com/

    You also have an account with SCIO International, your login is also in your book; http://scioqxci.net/

    Biofeedback Training/reading material;
    (I can not load PDFs here. So you will have to open them from your desktop.)


    Begin reading at page 49; http://www.downloads.imune.net/medicalbooks/Research%20presentation%20Clin%20Eval%20of%20the%

    “Evidence Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback” published in 2008";

    SCIO QX Subspace user manual; page 15; http://www.downloads.imune.net/medicalbooks/MEDTEXTMORE/Helpman.pdf

    List of BCIA reading materials here;

    The SCIO is the most researched energetic medicine device in history and is registered all over the world!; http://www.rawkstarcafe.

    SCIO is focused directly on repairing the unconscious connection; http://scioqxci.net/the-scio-system/

    Stens http://t.stens-biofeedback.com trained you using a NeXus-10 - Mark II Versatile integrated biofeedback and neurofeedback

    Interview with retired MD, Deborah Drake; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUopY8U-n5M

    Dr. Deborah Drake interviews Allie Ochs; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8jCw5Qzg0M&t=110

    Deborah's website; http://healthcounts.ca

    What does the SCIO Actually Do?; http://www.etlanguages.com/quantum

    Quantum-Encyclopedia; https://app.box.com/s/gkm0ko2843thl1fu11uashm5t0ou3l01

    Biofeedback Protocols; https://app.box.com/s/yrq515mk1bj49bvm1emkao5t0697zd2z

    Biofeedback frequently asked questions; http://renewyou.ca/frequently-asked-questions-about-quantum-biofeedback/

    Quantum biofeedback energy healing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOwwiSruRSE

    David Cowan - Quantum Biofeedback Body Wisdom; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaL-qDGO5l4&t=418

    Biofeedback: Self-Mastery Beyond Pills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iup0msVJeAI

    Parasite Frequency Cleanse; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmygT2kL--k

    Judy Harms Explains SCIO Biofeedback; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9QMSkJnfusSCIO work; https://www.youtube.

    Part 1 of Dr Sam Mugzzi SCIO on Jay Pee; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PKKELzsqI0

    Part 2a; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KI8-HBmzMc
    Part 2b; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYxayZ5MO7M

    Dr Royal Rife healing frequencies; http://www.royal-rife-machine.com/

    How to file a UCC1 restoring soveringty; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eN7r21CnKk&t=1242
    Website to file UCC1; http://stopthepirates.blogspot.com/2014/04/filing-ucc1-financing-statement.html


    About Precision Nutrition's online program;
    List of online nutrition schools; http://nutritioncertificationreviews.com/best-nutrition-courses-online-offline/

    Turmeric, an Asian spice seems to contain healing properties;

    Documentory;  https://thesacredplant.com/docuseries-fb/?utm_campaign=fall-


    Living Whole website; http://www.livingwhole.org/

    Moringa can be purchased at Amazon.com

    Salmiak is a salt crystal which is derived from volcanic ash that is said to lower PH and restore the body's electrical field connections

    Using essential oils and crystals for healing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz9xcWHK4ao

    List of ailments and herbs for relief; https://www.earthclinic.com/ailments.html?ltr=A#ailments

    Wheatgrass contains a concentrated source of nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium, and
    amino acids which helps to increase production of hemoglobin, the chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen; improving blood
    sugar disorders, such as diabetes; preventing tooth decay; improving wound healing; and preventing bacterial infections, removing
    deposits of drugs, heavy metals, and cancer-causing agents from the body; and for removing toxins from the liver and blood.
    Some use wheatgrass for preventing gray hair, reducing high blood pressure, improving digestion, and lowering cholesterol by
    blocking its absorption.

    Wheatgrass is also used to treat various disorders of the urinary tract, including infection of the bladder, urethra, and prostate;
    benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH); kidney stones; and in "irrigation therapy," the use of a mild diuretic along with lots of fluids to
    increase urine flow.

    Other uses include treatment of respiratory tract complaints, including the common cold, cough, bronchitis, fever, and sore throat;
    tendency toward infection; gout; liver disorders; ulcerative colitis; joint pain; and chronic skin problems.

    Wheatgrass is used for cancer and arthritis in alternative treatment programs. Wheatgrass contains a lot of chlorophyll, the chemical
    in plants that makes them green and also allows them to make energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. Some people think
    chlorophyll might fight cancer arthritis, and help with bacterial infections.

    Karen's holistic ideals; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF7Pd67FiuE&feature=em-lss
    Colon, prostate, vaginal and anal cleanse;

    Spring water, chaga, reishi, raspberry, goji, cedarwood. pine oils, spruce fir pine, frankicense myrhh, cedarwood, peppermint,
    lemon, orange, lime, eucalputus etc... mixed then pour in hot water in a bowl place in tolet to steam your asshole.
    To help remove the Chemtrail toxins being sprayed on our skin, wash skin with a simple mixture of iodine salt and vinegar during

    Heal & Prevent Cancer; https://cbtc.clickfunnels.com/optin-1183909815995123

    The cure for 97% of diseases is to stay away from the AMA; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3V3TITSDxc

    The Emotion Code; http://www.drbradleynelson.com/five-things-you-should-know-to-use-the-emotion-code-correctly/

    Live water vs Dead water; https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=structured+water

    Water transforms anemic blood into non- anemic; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n36e0rkw6f4

    Excellex Gold chrysalis water energiser Canada; http://www.crysalli.com/

    Blood Analyses online training; http://livebloodlondon.com/

    Healthy Blood PH level Testing; https://sciencebasedpharmacy.wordpress.com/2009/11/13/your-urine-is-not-a-window-to-your-body-

    Physiology of Blood; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35--8dAcZGw

    What various blood samples look like under a microscope; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-rzVr8CAOA&t=304s

    The BEST demo of Acidic Blood vs Alkaline Blood; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vhHe55s9rg

    List of nutrients to help increase red blood cell counts; http://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-increase-red-blood-cells#overview1

    Live Blood Testing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQb4P6wcJUM
    Blood testing can be used to fool; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZWoa_u4n7w

    SCIO effect on blood cells as viewed under dark field microscope. Whereas, non-dark field kills blood cells;

    The best live blood imaging microscope 6K; http://www.neogenesissystems.com/products/live-blood-analysis-equipment/

    Next best live blood imaging microscope 1K; https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Analysis-Medical-Darkfield-

    Don't buy a microscope until you have seen this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMaX2VqZFgc
    Biofield viewer; http://www.item-bioenergy.com/biofield/index.html

    Auric Field Camera; http://auraphoto.com/products/auracam.shtml  
    or http://inneractive.com/energy/products/kirlian-camera/?

    Does reverse speech reveal subconscious thoughts?

    Free audio editor for reverse speech; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BqXXWMYznM

    Healing Frequencies;

    Tibetan frequencies; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMHmwHJJGZE

    OM Chanting @417 Hz helps remove negative blockage; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sYK7lm3UKg

    Solfeggio Healing Harmonic Frequencies;
       Ut - 396 Hz - turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear
       Re - 417 Hz - undoing situations and facilitating change
       Mi - 528 Hz - transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
       Fa - 639 Hz - reconnecting and balancing relationships
       Sol - 741 Hz - solving problems, expressions/solutions
       La - 852 Hz - awakening intuition, returning to spiritual order

    Solfeggio healing frequencies; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2pN4Z07b_I
         Or; https://www.amazon.com/Solfeggio-Frequencies-Healing-Tibetan-Singing/dp/B01BIMDBH2

    Cognition Enhancer For Clearer Thinking; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNuoGeD9Qeo&index=12&list=RDm9LuZ5moIao

    Guided meditation; Designed to help raise vibrational frequency in order to remove negative energy; https://www.youtube.

    Stress Management; http://www.instituteofstresssciences.com/Levels1-2-3Program.aspx

    How to Convert Music from 440 hz to 432 hz Tutorial; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO1jSeP-e-o

    What Produces the Healing Power of Sound?; http://upliftconnect.com/why-sound-heals/


    Electronic Acupuncture Devise; https://www.naturesenergieshealth.com/natural-therapies/acupuncture/acu-doctor-electro-

    Remove Tag/Mole/Tattoo on Skin; https://www.maketrendy.com/collections/health-beauty/products/skin-tag-mole-eraser?

Glassed in Patio or
convert into a Bedroom

Due that each year it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to maintain
our property
(HERE), , we plan to eventual relocate closer to town on less property

Preferred design of our next home;

40' wide x 40' deep

Not counting wall widths;

Bed Rm 15' x 15'

Bath/Laundry Rm 10' x 12'

Patio 15' x 15'

Living/Kitchen 25' x 25'

Garage/shop 25' x 15'
Work Bench

H e a t
2 person
Hot Tub
25' x 15'
                                 Oroville Holistic Informed Consent Form
(Please print using block letters) I,______________________________________________ understand that:
Due to her extensive training it is legal for Ruth E. Chandler to administer any class II neurological device registered with the FDA to
recognize imbalances caused by stress as long as she operates within the device manufacturers safe practice specifications and does
not use medical terms such as diagnose, treat or cure.
I also understand that biofeedback or other related energetic programs substitutes for standard medical treatment. Therefore, Ruthy
advises me to continue in any ongoing standard medical treatment I am currently under through the care of a licensed practitioner.
And that although energetic programs are expected to produce beneficial results, I understand that such results cannot be guaranteed.
Therefore, I am giving Ruthy my permission to run whatever energetic programs she deems are in my best interest.
I understand my right to privacy, and that Ruthy, nor will her staff share my personal or medical information unless I give my written
consent or it is required by law.
I also understand that I am responsible to contact Oroville Holistic within 24 hours if I am unable to make my appointment. And that if I
have a fever I will call to reschedule my appointment.
My signature also affirms that I am not prone to seizures, I do not have a pacemaker, a defibrillator, I have not began or discontinued a
medication or changed my diet within the last month, nor am I pregnant.
I further understand that Oroville Holistic charges $60.00 cash per hour when I am physically in a biofeedback session. (Membership is
$50 per month which includes 2, or more remote tune-ups depending upon individual need.)   
And that If an unresolvable dispute were to arise between Oroville Holistic and myself, I agree to accept whatever decision is made by
an arbitrator which is governed under the laws of California.
Best phone # to reach me is: __________________________________________________________________
Second best phone or message #: _____________________________________________________________
Date of Birth (Optional): _______/________/_________  
My Signature ________________________________________________________ (Date) ___________________
Business Cards
Sink/Food Warmer/
Heater/Hot Water Tank
Oroville Holistic
2335 Lincoln Street # C
     Discover the benefits of
frequency and proper nutrition

Ruth E Chandler;
  • SCIO Biofeedback Technician
  • Stress Reduction Counselor
  • Live Blood Imaging
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Ionic Detox
  • And More  

(530) 282-8720 to schedule a    
no cost introduction session  
Double Bed
wheel well/
step-up (if
5th wheel)
/water storage
Preferred design for a super lightweight, well balanced 14' long x 5'. 6" wide 5th wheel
Side walk
Black top driveway
Contact Stefana Budimirovic @ Backyard Brains, so she
can special order then show how to download code to
operate both the neural interface and the claw for $300.
10" x 14" Pictures Hanging in Business Office
Ad for E. C. waiting room;

After almost 25 years helping to build
The Englund Chiropractic Legacy,
Now having spent countless hours training;
Ruthy's Oroville Holistic
Is now open at the South end of Englund Chiropractic
From 9-3PM Tues-Friday
(Saturdays by appointment)
Discover the benefits of frequency and proper nutrition;
SCIO Biofeedback Technician
Stress Reduction Counseling
Nutrition Coaching
Ionic Detox
And More
Stop by or call 534-0000 to schedule a free
introduction session or just to say "Hello" ^_^

Cover for booklet:

Oroville Holistic
Services & Reviews

Discover the benefits of frequency
and proper nutrition:

SCIO Biofeedback Technician,
Stress Reduction Counseling,
Nutrition Coaching and More

Page 1 of Brochure;

Ruthy's Oroville Holistic 534-0000
Office hours: 9-3PM Tues-Friday (Saturdays by appointment)
Discover the benefits of frequency and proper nutrition:

SCIO Biofeedback Technician, Stress Reduction Counseling,
Nutrition Coaching and More

What is SCIO Biofeedback?

According to Canadian and European experiencers over the last 40 years, SCIO biofeedback is the most
advanced and well researched energetic medical device on the planet.

SCIO biofeedback utilizes electrodes/sensors placed on locations such as the forehead, wrists and ankles to
measure the body's bio-electric signature in order to collect a vast amount of data.

Once collected, the SCIO's software allows a practitioner to utilize thousands of energetic programs
designed to help train our bodies various systems to relax which helps to balance our systems which then
helps to strengthen our physiological actives improving our overall wellness by reducing the primary cause
of dis-ease; Stress

Stress is any perceived mental or physical tension which results from environment, physical, mental,
emotional or chemical causes.  

Page 2 of Brochure;

What to expect during your first appointment;

Once you have signed one of our Informed Consent Forms, Ruthy will hook you up to her SCIO then explain
to you what she discovers. There is no charge for the introduction session. However, donations will be
greatly appreciated. It takes about an hour.

Once complete, if you feel that you could benefit from further SCIO Biofeedback, you will have the option to
either schedule another office appointment at the rate of $60 per hour...,

Or once Ruthy has physically hooked you up to her SCIO, the SCIO continues to remember your individual
energy signature allowing her to do extensive energetic tune-ups on you remotely no matter where you are
without your having to physically be in her office, saving you both time and money.

For $50 per month, she will run you remotely every 10 - 14 days. (More if needed) Once she has ran you
remotely at least 2 times within a month, she will;

Mail you a bill for the previous month including the dates she ran you along with the details of what she
discovered, what energetic programs she ran, along with well researched individualized suggestions on
what you can do to help keep yourself healthy.  
If an acute issue arises members will be able to meet with Ruthy in her office. Also in the event she discovers
an acute issue requiring your immediate attention she will call you. If you are not available, she will leave a
message for you to call her.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this program, let us know so we can add your mailing address
to our system.

Page 3 of Brochure;

Along with the most advanced biofeedback on the planet, we also perform;  
Ionic Detox;

For $30 you can relax as your heart pumps your blood into your feet while they are submerged in warm water
being charged with ions which helps to pull various toxins from your body.

Energetic Massage;
For $20 you can treat yourself to an FDA approved neuromuscular devise clinically shown to stimulate
circulation while helping to relax stiff muscles in, not only feet, calf, ankles, legs and hips, but also lower
backs, shoulders and waists.

Live Blood Imaging; (Is still in the planning stage)
For $25 you will be able to place a drop of your blood under a high end microscope with an HD camera
projecting a live feed of your blood cells swimming around on a wall mounted computer monitor (blood cells
live approx. 5 minutes once removed from the body).

We can help explain what you are seeing and will also have images of various blood cell conditions for
comparison. And of course the microscope can be used to view a vast amount of micro organisms such as
those found in water or ?

And as funds permit us to invest, we will continue adding services.

Also, if you benefited from one of our services, please write us a review. Not only can you remain anonymous,
but if you have difficulty writing, we would be honored to help you write it. Thank You


I had injured my wrist which made it very painful for me to do daily tasks such as what I enjoy most, working in
my yard.  After months of daily discomfort, Ruthy hooked me up to her biofeedback  machine and ran some
frequencies on me. The next day I began living an almost completely pain free life, even several months later.

While Ruthy had me hooked up she also detected stress I was experiencing due to some things going on in
my life. She sent me some frequencies that had a calming effect that helped me through a very difficult time
in my life. I am grateful for Ruthys help. I highly recommend her -  Carlene C.   

To whom it may concern; I started sessions with Ruth a few months ago for mainly emotional healing. The
biofeedback let me know about emotional issues, such as guilt that had been causing me to feel negative
emotions. I am now on a new journey in my life. The negative emotions that caused the guilt have gone away
so much that I am now having a lot of self-realization to help me go forward on my journey. Thanks Ruth -
Connie Brisson

My name is Miria Hedrick. I work with Ruthy at Englund Chiropractic. When she told me that she was planing
to help others with her Scio machine when she retires from Englund Chiropractic, I was skeptical...,

So I decided to do some research to see for myself what a Scio machine actual does and how it works. I read
that studies have shown it does work on various things to help both mentally and physically. I then agreed to
let Ruthy run me on her machine "Eddie" as she calls it LOL.

I was still a bit skeptical when she hooked me up wondering if it would actually do anything for me. But when
Ruthy studied my results then told me what Eddie had told her about me, I could hardly believe what I was
hearing because it was dead on!

I then became fascinated by it now a believer in what the machine can actually do. I even referred several
family members to Ruthy, and frequently asked her to run me. She even ran me on her own a few times then
told me about new information that the machine had told her about me.

There were a couple of times when she specifically pen pointed certain areas that she felt may have been
causing me to get headaches. Whatever she did, it helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend
this type of treatment to anyone who is interested because it definitely help me. .

While I was still going through nicotine addiction withdrawal from 50 years of smoking, Ruthy asked me to
write about how the addiction program on her SCIO was helping me to over come my addiction to tobacco. As
of Oct. 4th 2018 I had not had a smoke in six weeks.

However, even though Ruthy continued using her SCIO to send me frequencies to help calm my nerves, I still
felt rather irritated most of the time. Therefore, I asked everyone I talked to around that time to pray for Ruthy

But more importantly is to tell Ruthy's SCIO story which got this party started; Every 3rd or 4th month for many
years Ruthy used to get migraine headaches that sent her to bed for several hours. We tried everything we
could think of to no avail.

Ruthy and I had both heard about biofeedback when we were taking psychology classes at Butte College
where we met 20 years ago. Then some time in the summer of 2017 I was reading about how SCIO
biofeedback was helping people overcome migraines.

Ruthy then made an appointment with a SCIO biofeedback practitioner and within a few minutes the
practitioner's SCIO detected a parasite known to cause migraines. The practitioner then asked Ruthy if she
would like to have the practitioner program her SCIO to send a frequency that would dissolve the parasite.
Ruthy agreed and has not had one migraine since.

It was then Ruthy's mission began to learn everything she could about SCIO biofeedback so that she could
help others. In early December of 2017 I drove her to the Bay Area where she began her training. As of Oct.
6th 2018 I'd estimate that Ruthy has over 600 hours of training - Ruthy's husband
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