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"AA is a Fellowship designed and administered by a bunch of
former drunks, whose only qualification for membership is that
they can't hold their liquor and don't want to learn how.

It has no rules, no dues and no fees, and nothing that
any sensible organization seems to require.

At meetings the speaker starts on one subject and winds up talking
about something entirely different and concludes by saying he
doesn't know any thing about the program except that it works.

The groups are always broke, yet always seem to have money to carry on.

They are always losing members but seem to grow.

They claim A.A. is a selfish program but always seems to be doing something for others.

Every group passes laws, rules, edicts and pronouncements which
every one blithely ignores. Members who disagree with anything are privileged to
walk out in a huff, quitting forever, only to return as though nothing had
happened and greeted accordingly."

"Nothing is ever planned 24 hours ahead, yet great projects are born and survive magnificently. Nothing in A.A. is
according to Hoyle, “How could it survive?”

Perhaps it is because we have learned to live and laugh at ourselves. God made man. He made laughter too. Perhaps He is
pleased with our disorganized efforts and makes things run right no matter who pushes the wrong button.

Maybe He is pleased, not with our perfection, but with our sincerity. Maybe He is pleased because we are trying to be nobody
but ourselves. We don't know how it works, but it does, and members keep receiving their dividend checks from their A.A.

It is good to be sober. It is much easier, my friends, to stay sober than to get sober” - Anonymous

Having had spent much of my youth growing up in my folk’s bars, then spending countless hours in the rooms of recovery, I
can assure my reader how true the above statements are. It truly is all in one's willingness to allow the nakedness of ones own-
self to be exposed, and its ingrained prideful nature to realize that it, too, has its limits.

I believe that the key to a successful recovery is to take your addiction very seriously. However, lighten up on your-self!

Recovery is not a matter of a make over, or a do-over, it is a matter of a think over. We can not learn how to better manage an
addiction, the addiction is always learning how it can better manage us.

Therefore, in order to survive in this crazy world, we must learn how to rewire our brains into thinking, feeling, believing,
behaving and doing everything differently from now on. This is where repairative therapy comes into play.

How do we do this? Walk in, sit down and shut up! Take the cotton out of your ears and place it in your mouth.
Get a sponsor and wait for the magic to begin. Keeping in mind that it is a slow process, and not an event.

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