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Gratitude and Journaling

It has been said that; "Thought forms reality". In that, human emotion is
energy that creates reality.

If the human emotion of gratitude can turn a simple drop of water into a masterful
work of art, just think of the implications.

I often say; "Worship none, be grateful for all, for all are part of the same whole."

Gratitude is the key, so "Quit yer bitchn'." it could be much worse.

Gratitude is the opposite of self-pity. Through gratitude we are able to
appreciate the little things that go well during the day.

This is gratitude for the life we have, rather than for the life we wished we had.
One way to begin developing an attitude that allows us to be grateful for all things is
to take the time at the end of each day to make a list of the things
that occurred, good, bad or indifferent.

By writing out a list of gratitude’s every day, we begin developing a different
perspective of our lives. We may even begin to see that our lives have a richness
which we previously had not realized.

Perhaps the main obstacle to gratitude is that it is difficult to be grateful for the problems that we all must face in our lives.
It's not easy being grateful for an adverse addiction, or for a divorce, or the loss of a loved one, home or job.

After transcending, what I believe is the control matrix of religiosity, I then began reading material that I felt had previously
been off limits to me. As I considered the material, such as The Law of One, The Talmud of Jmmanuel, The Wave Series
Transcripts and the other related texts my  
Ancient Wisdom Page, I felt that I had finally begun to understand why I am
having awareness on a planet so far from the center of the universe.

If the material I read is factual, we are each a fragment of The Whole. Did the first to become conscious of its-self, that most
call  "God" become desirous to explore its potential, thus fragmented its-self into selves in order to learn, to experience, to
grow and to progress vicariously though its manyness?

If we are here by design in order to accomplish this task, stop to thing about the implications and how fortunate we are to be
part of such an adventure!

So how do we force our-self to be happy? We can't! All we can do is realize that we are where we are, not by chance, but
rather by choice to experience all for our primary creator. If we allow our-self to believe the material lies being promoted, i.e..;
In order to be happy I need a nicer home or car we will never find happiness because things will never make us happy. We
must find happiness within, rather than without. Therefore, if you wish happiness, seek first to know thy-self, rather then
seeking to be constantly entertained by stuff.

Many of us have suffered some very real hurts and need to grieve significant losses. What we need to realize is that in
coping with problems our faith in the process is allowed to mature and grow. Often, problems signal a need for change in our
lives that leads us in a new direction. Directions that often force us into trials and tribulations that eventually allow us to
understand why things happen the way that they had.

Being grateful for the good, bad, and even for the indifferent must play a significant role as a daily practice. Seek to
understand that your having conscious awareness within the material illusion of time/space should tell you that you are part of
something so much bigger than just your own-self.

So when the car will not start, realize that the cosmos has a plan, maybe to test your resolve, or teach you patients. If the guy
at the gas station gives you a bad time, maybe you need to learn understanding for others. Whatever happens has a reason,
the event is teaching you a lesson you need. And if you do not get it, the lesson will repeat its-self over and over until you do.

Or maybe that angry guy needs to learn a lesson about something you are not aware of. Therefore, do not take it personal!
Stop and get the bigger picture, maybe it’s not about you at all!

Many of us are all-or-nothing people. We are either on top of the world, or the world is on top of us. However, if we wait only to
be grateful for the good, or big things to happen, we sale ourselves short because the chances are that we will never be
grateful at all. A daily practice of gratitude helps us see that we are simply in this material world as human beings, beings
involved in a Broadway play of creator knowing its-self.

Make a journal of your adventure within the material realms to read later in life. You will be amazed by how events had shaped
your thought process. When you feel blue, when the world has shot you full of holes, or even when you feel on top, write down
your feelings. After some time has passed you will then begin to see patterns within your life and soon you will be able to use
these pattern to your advantage. Just do it and you’ll see the results later on. You will have written a chronology that will later
cause you to feel a bit foolish for believing your own self-taught lies.

If each day you make a list of everything that you have to be grateful for, not only will this habit of therapeutic journaling speak
to your heart, but it will also remind you to stop bitching about anything that seems bad in your life! There is a power at work
here that no one can fully explain. So write! Share your feelings! Talk about how you feel!

There is no right, nor wrong, but rather are only lesson to be learnt. Therefore, be patient with your-self, do your best to
choose wisely and take the time to enjoy your journey even if you never get that little red corvette.
A Crystal of water after being exposed
to the gratitude of human emotion
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