Seek Christness within, rather than without,
for All Father's love resides within
each fragment of its whole.

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1. Ask for the strength to become honest with your-self and the other-self.

2. Forgive the other-self whom you perceived to have caused you harm.

3. Admit that your wounds may have harmed others.

4. Make a list of all those harmed by your wounds.

5. Forgive the other-self, thus your-self is then forgiven.

6. Make amends for your harms without expecting the other-self to make amends.

7. Take this message to other-selves;

Judge not your other-self for you only judge your own-self because
each is a fragment of the same whole.

We are each actors in a production called "Creator knowing Its-self". Therefore, do
not take it personal, it is not about individualism, but rather is about the whole.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Once one learns the art of
forgiveness, this one then stops the karmic wheel from spinning.

Since so many of my readers come here I felt it was important to place some key info on this page. In my years of
working in the field of addiction recovery I have been privy to all of the various schools of thought regarding various
treatment models. There truly are as many various treatment ideals as there are various personality types.

This has caused me to realize that because all people are as different as the finger prints that make up their
, there is no certain program that works best for all people. I have known of people who have graduated from
as many as seventeen different treatment programs, who now live drug free, but whose lifestyles leave much to be desired.

Recovery is
only going to work for the addict who wishes for treatment to work. Period! Not to say that once some
personality types, when forced into recovery, will not eventually take to the idea of recovery, but rather it must be a personal

I believe the best way for a family member, or other loved one to help the addict become willing is to inform the addict that
their addiction is harming their loved ones. If the loved ones can rally together to cut off
all the addicts possible resources
such as family, friends, bank accounts, and all the
co-dependent personality types in the addicts life, the addict then
stands a good chance at recovery. Therefore, rather than it being everyone else in the addicts life becoming sick and tied
of the addicts behavior, the addict is then allowed to get sick and tied of its own behavior.

Religion does not make everyone willing to get right. We must first become willing to get right within our own-self
because free-will must balance its-self within. The church group I was involved with during my early days of recovery has a
great recovery program. However, my biggest gripe with their system is that they expect their clients to stop smoking
cigarettes before they are allowed onto the recovery centers property.

Now we all realize that tobacco is harmful, however, most people don't sale their bodies, steal nor kill just to smoke
cigarettes. Allow them to smoke while they are in recovery. They are going to be put through the emotional ringer for the
first few months, and a few smokes a day will give them something to help them endure. Therefore, please do not have
unrealistic expectations of your loved ones. When they are ready to quit smoking, they will.

People who quit everything all at once have a much greater chance of relapsing than those who take it one day, one drug
at a time. Detoxing the brain, and changing the way one thinks is a process, it is not an event.
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