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Signs of Recovery

Most are unable to recall their purpose for falling into these
short material lives within the time & space continuum.
This is a time given to us in order to utilize the catalyst provided
for us that allows us choice.

Here we decide, service-to-self, the longer road home, or
service-to-others. In the case of service-to-others we discover
our needs are also met as we help to meet the needs of others,
as the best gift we will ever receive, is the one we give
without witness, being very careful not to enable other's
destructive behavior, however.

Once we begin feeding the spirit within we begin the process of starving the old way of thinking, that which prevents
suggesting a better way to live.     

Yet, we must continuously allow this spirit to aid us towards building our lives strong though our gratitude.

We still must ask for its help when we need it, allowing ourselves to become vulnerable to those who we have learned to trust.

We learn to value sex as an expression of love and gratitude for, rather than as an escape from stress, loneliness, anger,
fear, or as a substitute for nurturing or affirmation.

We begin to learn the definition of love, distinguishing it from obsession, neediness, physical-attraction, pity, control,
possession or the need to rescue or be rescued.

We allow ourselves to work through the pain of loss and to allow confidence by realizing that we were all created  perfect by a
grand design, yet must choose the path that brings us peace.

We learn not to fear abandonment, but rather take responsibility for our behavior, thereby learning to admit our weaknesses.

We begin to find honest, rather than self-destructive ways to express our emotions.

We become honest in our expression of who we are in our relationships with others, developing true non-sexual intimacy with

We surrender, one day at a time our whole life strategy of, and our obsession with the pursuit of romantic and sexual intrigue
and emotional dependency.

We are restored to sanity on a daily basis by participating in the daily process of recovery from worldly reasoning by taking
responsibility for our-self as we seek the divine within, rather than waiting to be rescued from without.

We begin to accept our imperfections and mistakes as part of being human, asking for healing of hurts, while  realizing that
"all" things happen by design to help us learn to grow and progress.

We seek to continue to develop our communication skills with others, knowing that hurt people hurt people, and that all are
hurt people or we would not be here at this time.

We learn to accept that our feelings of gilt and frustration are the catalyst allowing us to make better choices, giving us new
purpose for leaning new perspectives.

We learn to never make a promise, knowing that we know not what tomorrow will bring.

We learn first to parent our children, rather than seeking their friendship.

We learn to avoid situations that may put us at risk physically, psychologically or spiritually.

We pick people of our own mindset to spend our time with, rather than trying to force our ideals on others.

We believe, not what we desire to believe, but rather that which is known to be profitable.

We allow ourselves to become vulnerable, knowing that we are not in control of all things so that we are no longer required to
be the god of our understanding.

We find solace in the mundane, knowing that time will soon govern us no longer and that the real life begins outside of this
illusion of
power over people, places and things.

Just as the seed that is nurtured flourishes, so it is with one’s soul. One either sows to the spirit of contentment, or he reaps to
the spirit that only knows its own misery. Yet the choice for each one to make, is that which one must make on one's own, and
that choice is for the rest to make peace with, as all there is is lessons to be learnt.
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