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Symptoms of Addiction

The best place to view symptoms of addiction
is to first look at the emotional carnage that is often buried deep within.

Early on in my work with recovery I discovered that addiction is often a symptom of
deep seeded trauma. In that, first we need to work on the trauma that often
demands the addiction to be made manifest
spirit attachment?).

The need for the addiction had various indoctrinal routes. For some of us it was
curiosity. We watched others looking as if they were enjoying being high on pot or
paint. For some food, or lack of food became their comfort, whereas others cutting
their arms or legs released the pain within, thus became their addiction.

Where others discovered that if anger or threatening jesters were used,
it allowed us a sense of control, thus becoming our addiction.
For some of us we lost our souls in our work, wishing not to look
deep within or feel our pain.

For some of us humor became our place of refuge, while others found their addiction in seeking others to sympathize with
them as they rallied for support within the great cosmic drama of their own selfish desires. While some seem addicted to the
enabling game where they learned they can feel better about their own-self.

I hope you will now consider taking stock of your life by asking your-self some tough questions. Here you may discover many
things about your-self that you have not yet considered:   

Whether you're the alcoholic living under a bridge for shelter,

The tweaker looking for a flash light,

The pharmaceutical king looking for a naive doctor with a pain pill thrill,

The crackhead looking for his next patch,

The workaholic who uses busy as their escape,

The joker who uses humor to hide the hurt inside,

The shop-aholic who feeds the materialism monkey,

The gamer who uses slot machines to fill the empty bucket,

The cellphone junkie with the glazed over eyes.

The masochist who uses physical pain to drain the pain from within,

The beauty queen obsessed with mirrors,

The overweight hoping Little Debbie’s will bring comfort and joy,

The relationship junkie hoping to turn parolees into princes,

The sex addict who uses pornography to fulfill the lonely fantasy within,

The parolee who's been unable to escape the prison dog mentality,

The control freak looking for perfection in an imperfect world,

The hypochondriac searching for sympathy,

The kleptomaniac addicted to the thrill,

The drama momma causing more trauma,

The crisis child hoping to enlist more hostages,

The good deed doer hoping to feel better about your-own-self,

The codependent-aholic who uses good intentions to cover their tracks,

The proud and greedy looking for the next bragging rights,

Or even the one with an addiction to Internet knowledge, you see we are all addicts to one degree or another!
Our love for physical sensate became an addiction,
thus we "fell".

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

According to the addiction specialist and medical director of a Chemical Dependency Institute, people who come from
dysfunctional families tend to have similar personality traits.

People with certain personality traits are over-controlled, often by concern for others. When concern becomes acute, it turns
into fear and fear destroys endorphins.

The following test will help to determine if you or a loved one is suffering with this type of personality. These traits are not
necessarily serious, unless they are taken to the extreme. If you answer "yes" to 3 or more questions you should find someone
to talk with.

Do you feel the need to constantly seek the approval of others?

Do you fail to realize your own accomplishments?

Do you fear criticism?

Do you make plans with people, because you fear telling others. "No"?

Have you had difficulty controlling your emotions and behaviors?

Do you feel that you must be perfect in everything you do?

When life is going well for you, do you look for a gray cloud on the horizon?

Do you feel you may be a crisis child, feeling best when the your world is filled with chaos?

Do you feel responsible for the welfare of everyone else, taking better care of others than you do yourself?

Do you isolate yourself from others?

Do you have difficulty with authority figures, and unruly people?

Do you feel that everyone is always taking advantage of you?

Do you have trouble holding on to intimate relations?

Do you feel you may be confusing pity with love?

Do you seem to attract people who tend to have compulsive behavior?

Do you have difficulty letting go of destructive relationships because you fear being without a relationship?

Do you often feel you can not trust your feelings or the feelings of others?

Do you find it hard to let your feelings to known to others?

Do you think your parent's addiction caused your own life to become unmanageable?

Known Pattern Stages of Addiction:


Sneaks to engage addiction.

Over indulges in addiction.

Avoids reference to, changes subject from addiction.


Preoccupied with addiction.

Is uncomfortable in situations without addiction.

Experiences loss of control with addiction.

Has increased frequency of needing relief from, uses addiction more often.

Hides resources to aid in addiction.

Experiences urgent needs for addiction.

Tries periods of forced abstinence from addiction.

Others begin to disapprove of addiction.

Rationalizes engagement of addiction.

Experiences flashes of aggressiveness or becomes confrontational regarding addiction.

Exhibits grandiose behavior.

Has guilt about addiction.

Neglects basic responsibilities to engage addiction.

Begins to devalues personal relationships.

Considers geographic escape.

Sexual drive decreases or increases.

Quits or losses job.

Exhibits unreasonable jealousy.

Detaches socially.


Tries to control.

Experiences lose of physical control.

Experiences early morning desires for addiction.

Has persistent remorse regarding addiction.

More frequency of addiction.

Thinking becomes further impaired.

Uses with inferiors.

Unable to work.

Physical and mental health deteriorates.

Moral standards deteriorates.

Losses family/friends.

Grows more tolerant requiring more of the substance to meet expectations.

Exhausts all alibis.

Addiction becomes compulsive and uncontrollable as it progresses.

Self-Assessment Test

Addiction is characterized by uncontrolled desire and engagement into any behavior that is harmful. Therefore, ask yourself
the following questions and answer them honestly;

1. Do you lose time from work due to your addiction?

2. Is your addiction causing your home life to become discontent?

3. Do you engage your addiction because you are discontent with yourself, or your lifestyle?

4. Is engaging in your addiction affecting your reputation?

5. Have you ever felt remorse after engaging your addiction?

6. Have you ever gotten into financial difficulties due to your addiction?

7. Do you seek less desirable social environment when you engage your addiction?

8. Does your addiction make you more careless of your family's welfare?

9, Has you ambition decreased since you began engaging your addiction?

10. Do you crave your addiction at certain times, after an argument, a loss or an emotion?

11. Do you want to reengage after engaging your addiction the day before?

12. Does your addiction disrupt your sleep pattern?

13. Has your efficiency decreased since your addiction became as aggressive?

14. Is your addiction jeopardizing your job or business?

15. Do you engage your addiction to escape from worries or trouble?

16. Do you only engage your addiction when no one else is around?

17. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory after engaging your addiction?

18. Have you ever sought help for you addiction?

19. Do you engage your addiction to justify your discontented life?

20. Have you ever been detained by law enforcement due to your addiction?

All addictions are treatable. However, the longer you wait, the stronger addictions become!

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any one of these questions, you do need some help.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any two of these questions, you have an acute situation that will grow until you can  answer "Yes" to
almost every question.

The sooner that you get help, the better off you will be.

Hear this; Do not give your addiction a place to hide, or it will grow stronger!
All we have to fear,
is our lacking control
of our own selfish
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