Is the Egyptian holding a light bulb connected to a power receiver?

Harnessing Earth's Natural Electric Field

For many years the energy cartel has created massive wealth selling us toxic petroleum based products and spreading radioactive isotopes
with their nuclear fusion reactors, while spending only a fraction of their wealth to suppress natural energy sources.

They claim that if the world were to use clean sources of energy, our economy would collapse.

It seems to me that it is they who profit from selling toxic compounds, so it is their economy that would collapse, not ours.  

It also seems to me that if we no longer had to pay for energy, we'd all have more time for leisure.

Is it time we restore the natural energy field harvesting system created by our ancestors?

The know how is once again here, now all we need is the willingness to proceed.

Following are just some of the possible techniques used by past societies to harness natural earth energies;
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"Once one harnesses free energy, no limitations need apply." - The Wave Series Transcripts

Is it possible that the above image from South Africa was part of a massive energy harnessing system? (See Micheal Tellinger's video below)

If so, then is it possible that some megalithic stone structures, such as the Great Pyramid in Giza
were also part of an energy harnessing and generation system?

This may be all that remains of Ed's Magnetic Motor
at the Coral Castle

Did the energy cartel have the cap removed?

"In the permanent magnet motor the coil of wire (known as the
armature) is organized inside the magnetic field of the
permanent magnet in this type of way that it rotates every time
a current is passed thru it.

Next, every time a coil of wire is moving in the magnetic field
the voltage is induced inside the coil – therefore existing
(which is the result of applying the voltage to the coil) results
the armature to rotate while generating a voltage.

It’s the nature of cause and effect in physics that the effect
tends to stop the cause, therefore the induced voltage tends
to terminate out the used voltage (indeed were the effects to
add, you should have the perpetual motion machine!).

Voltage is electrical pressure and current is electric flow.
Pressure tends to trigger movements, and flow thus the
electric pressure is really a force that moves electricity- and an
‘electromotive force’ (EMF).

The induced voltage caused by the armature’s motion is really
a’back EMF’ – ‘back’ since it tends to stop out the used
voltage in order that the particular voltage (pressure) all over
an armature is a difference from the applied voltage and also
the back EMF.

The value of the back emf is determined from the speed of
rotation as well as the power of the magnet(s) such that if the
magnet is powerful the back emf raises and if the speed rises,
so also does the back emf. It follows from this that if you are
using the weaker magnet to make a specific continuous motor,
you’ll get an increased speed motor!

More Voltage – The Permanent Magnet Motor Will Accelerate.
In case you apply now a load to armature, it’ll slow down. The
back emf will decrease therefore the difference from used
voltage along with back emf will enhance. It’s this difference
which causes the current within the armature to flow –

Therefore, the current will increase since we increase the
mechanical loading. It should be obvious thus that the
unloaded motor will take little current. It also needs to be very
clear that when you apply more voltage the motor will
accelerate, apply less and it will slow down: that is what the
motor speed controller does: it varies the voltage utilized to the

"Here is the whole process of transforming the magnetic
energy into mechanical energy, as explained by Sandeep

“Think of two powerful magnets. One fixed plate over rotating
disk with North side parallel to disk surface, and other on the
rotating plate connected to small gear G1. If the magnet over
gear G1′s north side is parallel to that of which is over rotating
disk then they both will repel each other. Now the magnet over
the left disk will try to rotate the disk below in (think) clock-wise

Now there is another magnet at 30 angular distance on
rotating disk on both side of the magnet M1. Now the large
gear G0 is connected directly to rotating disk with a rod. So
after repulsion if rotating-disk rotates it will rotate the gear G0
which is connected to gear G1.
So the magnet over G1 rotate in the direction perpendicular to
that of fixed-disk surface.

Now the angle and teeth ratio of G0 and G1 is such that when
the magnet M1 moves 30 degree, the other magnet which
came in the position where M1 was, it will be repelled by the
magnet of fixed-disk as the magnet on fixed-disk has moved
360 degrees on the plate above gear G1.

So if the first repulsion of magnets M1 and M0 is powerful
enough to make rotating-disk rotate 30-degrees or more the
disk would rotate till error occurs in position of disk, friction
loss or magnetic energy loss.

The space between two disk is just more than the width of
magnets M0 and M1 and space needed for connecting gear
G0 to rotating disk with a rod. Now I’ve not tested with actual

When designing you may think of losses or may think that
when rotating disk rotates 30 degrees and magnet M0 will be
rotating clock-wise on the plate over G2 then it may start to
repel M1 after it has rotated about 25 degrees, the solution is
to use more powerful magnets.

If all the objects are made precisely with measurements given
and the rectangular cubic magnets are powerful enough to
rotate more then 30 degrees in first repulsion then the system
will work.

Here friction and other losses are neglected as magnets are
much more powerful. But think of friction between rotating disk
and Shaft, it can be neglected by using magnetic joint between

Kawai Patent Diagrams

Permanent Magnet Motors --- Build One (HERE)

The Symmetrical Permanent Magnet Motor Data (HERE)

Voltage regulated permanent magnet generator patent (HERE)

Schematic for magnetic motor creation (HERE) & (HERE)

Creating a Magnetic Power Generator (Using Raw Materials)
plus various E-Books for creating other energy saving devises
can be purchased

However, be sure to click away from their web page and it will
give you an option to receive the e-book at a discounted price.
Also, you would have to built it much larger than specified in
order to power the average home.

The magnets for any design should be located on the outside
perimeter in order to take full advantage of torque, and the
bearings should be magnetic in order to create a vortex to ride
on, thus cutting down on drag.

And why build your own magnets or re-create a generator
when Honda makes a super efficient, low cost generator and
permanent magnets are not that expensive?

"The pyramids were built to capture and store
energy for power, transport, healing, mind control,
climate, etcetera" -
The Wave Series Transcripts

However, if you read on the right side of this
(HERE) you will discover that mind control
was NOT part of the original design.

Obviously, those who reconfigured the Great Pyramid
are of the same mentality who created HAARP and its
back-up system... WIFI/cell-phone towers which
apparently work to keep humans within a suggestive
comatose low resonate fear based frequency.
You can read about that

"They were built (Using sound wave focusing?)
by the descendants of those known to you as
the Atlanteans who are, of course,
your ancestors in soul matters."
The Wave Series Transcripts

The Great Pyramid obviously also used a chemical
battery that MAY have been used as a back-up.

And from Atlantis to various points on planet earth such as Mesopotamia, India, Tibet, Egypt, North & South America come the
remnants of
The Children of The Law of One;

"The last of the Children’s greatest power plants was the “Great Pyramid” in Egypt. You have probably heard many things about
the bible’s legendary ‘Ark of the Covenant’. If you know about electronic components, and you read even the worldly bible’s
description of the Ark, you will realize that this was a giant electric capacitor. A capacitor is a device, usually found in an
electronic circuit, that stores up electricity to a certain level, then releases it in a burst.

This is why the Ark had the reputation that if you touched it or got too close to it you would get zapped by a lightning bolt from
God. The size of the Ark as a capacitor, held a charge big enough to make a bolt that would easily kill anyone who got near it -
and would kill many people. (John Hutchison built a so called "Ark" which should be called Arc of the Covenant

The Ark was a power device used in Egypt within the Great Pyramid.  It was once the power storage device inside the Great
Pyramid. The Pyramid had a layered capstone of copper and custom created quartz crystal from Atlantis. The Pyramid would
collect energy from the Earth’s bio-field, and focus it in the Ark. The Ark would release regular bursts of a specific frequency of
electrical energy that would be transmuted and transmitted from the crystal capstone. All the Children’s buildings and vehicles
had receiver crystals tuned to the Pyramid, and would pick up and change the energy back into usable power." -
The Children
of The Law of One

(If you are not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, then I highly recommend that you read HERE)

"Questioner: You said that the Egyptians drew power from the Ark of the Covenant. What sort of power? How did this work?
Ra: I am Ra. This was charged by means of the materials with which it was built being given an electromagnetic field. It became
an object of power in this way and, to those whose faith became that untarnished by unrighteousness or separation, this power
designed for negativity became positive and is so, to those truly in harmony with the experience of service, to this day. Thus the
negative forces were partially successful but the positively oriented Moishe, as this entity was then called, gave to your
planetary peoples the possibility of a path to the One Infinite Creator which is completely positive.

Questioner: Where is the Ark of the Covenant now? Where is it located?
Ra: I am Ra. We refrain from answering this query due to the fact that it does still exist and is not that which we would infringe
upon your peoples by locating." -
The Law of One

"Q: (L) What was the “Ark of the Covenant?”
A: Power cell.

Q: (L) What was the origin of this power cell?
A: Lizards given to the Jews to use for manipulation of others.

Q: (L) Why was it that if you came close to this object or touched it you would die?
A: Energy overload; scrambling by reverse electromagnetism.

Q: (L) What is reverse electromagnetism?
A: Turned inward.

Q: (L) What effect does it produce?
A: Liquification of matter.

Q: (L) Well, that is pleasant. This “cell” was kept in an ornate box of some sort, is that correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why was it only the priests who could handle it?
A: Only those who would not try to use for selfish reasons.

Q: (L) But then did just coming near it injure a person?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well why were these individuals able to come near it?
A: Non-selfish energy field.

Q: (L) So it could tune into thought fields?
A: Yes.

Q: There is a tradition that the Ark of the Covenant being in Ethiopia. Is it, in fact, in the church of St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia?
A: No.

Q: Where is it?
A: If we were to reveal this to you, it would be akin to giving a hand grenade to a baby!!" -
The Wave Series Transcripts
This is called a "Torus stone"

These have been found around megalithic stone structures.

Notice its shape is similar to the Searl effect generator
in the above video, also is how a universe appears
and is the most common shape of what most call a "UFO"
In Lak'ech
Now notice the shape below, which is called "In Lak'ech"

Can this shape, not only create an anti-gravity energy field,
but does it also magnify energy waves?

If so, can it be used to, not only magnify natural earth energies,
but also is this what causes physical materials to becoming weightless?
Positive energy field?
Negative energy field?
Neutral, or ground in center?

Obviously no natural earth energy harnessing story
would be complete without understanding
Nikola Tesla's mission to free humanity from
literal darkness

Nor, that of JP Morgan's creating massive wealth
while economically enslaving humanity
to costly toxic forms of energy

However, that story above fails to mention that
JP Morgan apparently had investment
holdings in copper mines.

So it should be obvious why JP Morgan
pulled his funding of Tesla's Tower once he
realized that there was no way of charging people
money when Tesla's Tower was designed to convert
earth's natural energy into radio waves to then be
transmitted then received much the way the Atlantean
energy harvesting system apparently operated.
Welcome to Focus on Recovery’s Consciousness Shift Resources
Welcome to Focus on Recovery's

Consciousness Shift Resources

Exploring the Mystery of the Ages
I present
you decide.
“The desire that guides me in all I do is the
desire to harness the forces of nature to
the service of mankind.” — Nikola Tesla

It does NOT matter when the Temple of Hathor
in Dendera Egypt was built...,

due to wall reliefs within the
temple (such as the one pictured on the
left) someone had to have known that the
early Egyptians, much like the more modern
Nicola Tesla, was
harvesting electricity.

If so, then it seems highly likely that somehow the
Great Pyramid captured earth's natural energy field,
which then transformed that energy field into a
radio wave...,

which was then received by receivers
(much like the receiver pictured in the lower
right corner in the image to the left)...,

that transformed that radio wave into
usable electricity for lighting and other usage.

If so, then any soot found in Egyptian temples
came from latter explorers.