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My wife has a rather rare affliction,

and when I began to realize how much her
insurance company was being charged to provide
her meds, and how often the AMA trained to pill &
bill snake oil salesman wanted her to come in to
rewrite her prescription.

I got on the internet where I read all the scare
tactics US drug companies wrote to protect their  
massive profits while placing their own label on the
same drugs that can be purchased directly for far
less cost on the internet.

If you, too, wish to take responsibility for our own health care and save money,
here are various websites you can use to research your health related issues;

Flash Medical (HERE)

Every Day Health (HERE)

Health Line (HERE)

Once you have made your own diagnosis and can not find a natural treatment, you can then
use a business that has been in business for over a hundred years called
The International Drug Mart (I have no monetary affiliation)
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