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"Q: (L) Is it necessary for me to have surgery to fix my shoulder?
Be careful not to be misled.

Q: (L) Is that about the surgery?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Will my arm get well on its own?
A: Can.

Q: (J) How? (T) You ought to get a second or even a third opinion.
A: Yes. Surgery is profitable.

Q: (L) Can you recommend something that I can do other than surgery?
A: Heat therapy combined with dietary adjustment.

Q: (J) What dietary adjustments?
A: Calcium, manganese, starch cutback and potassium supplement, only use distilled water in order to flush solid

Q: (L) Well, that is the most comprehensive piece of physical advice they have ever given. (J) No kidding.
A: You are in pain, my dear, and when you hurt, all others do too!

Q: (J) That was sweet. Moist heat or dry heat?
A: Moist? When ligaments are damaged, it is often a function of calcium obstruction.

Q: (L) When I get stressed out my neck tightens up, what can I do to get some relief?
A: Try hot cloth wrapped in a sponge soaked in hot lemon juice. Ascorbic acid penetrates and cleanses and soothes.

Q: Does giving Reiki to a person who has a bacterial or viral infection increase the potential of the infection? What is the
A: Reiki is best suited to conditions not microbially induced.  (The one most call "Jesus" is/was a Reiki Master)

Q: Is it the case that you are actually feeding the microbes with energy?
A: Can, or effects can cancel each other out.

Q: (V) As we practice Reiki, how do we know if we are doing the person more harm than good? How do we decide if we
are going to make them sicker or better?
A: Ask if they are suffering from infection.

Q: What if they don't know? There are a lot of times that a person doesn't know.
A: True, but odds are in your favor.

Q: (V) So the viruses cannot be treated by etherical healing? Is there any method that will work other than Reiki?
A: Prayer. It is true that one is wise not to trust bold proclamations from your “mainstream” medical system, as these are
motivated by intense STS
(service-to-self) energy.

Also, they have proven to be wrong far more often than right. It is perhaps wise for one to reserve visits and
consortations with the above mentioned “establishment” to the instances of physical trauma, and life threatening
emergencies, as this is the “place” for said entities. Chronic conditions and wellness, prevention, etc., these are the
realms of the homeopaths and Naturopaths, all such paths are inspired by 4th density STO". (service to other-self) -  
The Wave Series Transcripts

For many years pharmaceutical companies have feared
that the use of natural medicines would spread world wide.

With the advent of countless lawsuits regarding
side effects (Link to article HERE) and even loss of life due to their use
of unnatural and often harmful drug side effects from the use of synthetic chemicals, these same drug manufactures are
now conspiring with various organizations, such as the FDA to prevent alternative medicines from enjoying the same
results these herbal remedies have been enjoying for countless centuries in Europe and Asia.

The AMA, the mainstream press, big pharma, HMOs, hospitals and sometimes even your own practitioner is lying to you
even if they are unaware of it.

Their synthetic chemicals often cure the symptom, but are not designed to treat the cause as explained below;

"Firstly, within the body of knowledge which those healers known among your peoples as medical doctors have is the use
of harsh chemical substances which you call medicine. These substances almost invariably cause far more changes than
are intended in the mind/body/spirit complex.

The changes offered to the body complex are quite inadvisable. The allergy may be seen to be the rejection upon a
deep level of the mind complex of the environment of the mind/body/spirit complex. Thus the allergy may be seen in its
pure form as the mental/emotional distortion of the deeper self." -
The Law of One

"Most who use crystals for healing delude themselves because they don’t know what frequencies they are
actually dealing with, or how to properly apply them, even if they had the right crystals for the task. For those who want to
use crystal vibration healing techniques, there are viable alternatives from modern scientific research.

There are a couple of amazing devices that are close to the old Atlantean technology, but it took resources like
government laboratories and scientists to develop them. They are called the Electro-Acuscope, and the Electro-
Myopulse, manufactured by a company called Electro-Medical, in Fountain Valley, California.

While the devices use the same principles involved with Atlantean crystal healing (neutralizing disease frequency
vibrations and transmitting healthy frequency vibrations), they use a somewhat different method of creating the body
frequency vibrations (vibrational synthesis). While not as sophisticated or powerful as the Atlantean technology, these
amazing devices not only heal, but give the body and mind a “tune up” so it can function at its maximum potential.

We studied and tested these machines extensively and objectively for about 10 years. It is our opinion that if every doctor
used one, hospitals would have about 90% less patients. And while the devices remain relatively unknown, even
suppressed, they are used by Super Bowl winning football teams, PGA pro golfers, Olympic athletes, Walter Reed
Hospital in Washington D.C. (where the top U.S. government politicians and military leaders go), and the Pope.

So if you’re serious about vibrational healing these days, the company can give you a referral to a doctor, physical
therapist, or chiropractor who has one, or you can buy your own if you have the money." -
Children of The Law of One

Is it not rather ironic
that you would not pay your mechanic if the mechanic did not fix your problem, yet you'll pay an
AMA trained snake oil salesmen even when such procedures make you even sicker?

Now that is insanity!

Most people do not need a medical doctor, most need a psychiatrist!
With the rising cost of health care, many people are beginning to take an interest in natural medicines and
medications. Studies conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) have
discovered that more than 36% of Americans are now using complementary and alternative medicines to help treat and
prevent disease and to enhance their quality of life.

Natural remedies are becoming an essential component of alternative medicine, with more than 5 billion dollars spent
each year on herbal products in just the United States alone, according to national surveys conducted by the Centers for
Medicare & Medicaid Services. As the use of natural remedies becomes more common amongst the general
population, they have gained increasing respect from the medical community as well.

If you look at the various synthetic drug side-effects, often the side-effects are worse than the ailment!

Therefore, it is my hope that you, too, will embrace the wisdom in natural cures before engaging in unnatural chemicals.

However, if you have a rare ailment, and you have exhausted all other options, then see my
Discount Pharmacy.

Many times we discover that the compounds used in various drugs are the synthetic hybrids of what are found in natural
foods or herbs. Like potassium. Potassium is found in bananas, but if you are potassium deficient, you would have to eat
more bananas in one day than your stomach could support.

Therefore, you will need a supplement. Just as synthetic compounds are often condensed forms of the agent, but in a
synthetic form, natural compounds are condensed forms of natural agents.

In a world where quality health care is becoming more difficult to find unless you have top quality insurance to pay for it,
many of us are seeking answers to our health related questions on various medical symptoms websites.

Here is a list of websites you can use to discover info regarding your health related issues, however, beware, because
most are designed to sell you symptom treating synthetic chemicals. Therefore, it is up to you to discover an alternative.
Flash Medical (HERE)
Health Line (HERE)

Natural Medicines

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