Natural Cancer Treatment

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Eat raw foods, live well.
If you wish to live long, stay away from doctors.

There are dozens of websites out there
claiming they have the magic wand cure for
cancer, and some are quite convincing!

However, after reading hundreds of forum treads
regarding various treatments I discovered that
most treatments are crapola! Any main stream
cancer treatments are hidden from us even
before they leave a laboratory.

Chemists have known of cancer treatments for
over 40 years. However, Big Pharmakia can't
make a profit curing cancer, their profit comes
from treating cancer.
Before you leave this website, please listen to the video at the top of this page (HERE) because there are people in the
Amazon who are apparently able to heal many forms of cancer using native plants.

A renowned doctor developed a serum that
shrank cancer tumors in 45 minutes!

Headlines hit every major newspaper around the world. Scientists and researchers applauded. Time and again this life saving
treatment worked miracles, but the
FDA ignored the research and shut him down.

But why? As always, just follow the money. Who profits from cancer treatment? Big Pharmakia. Who controls The FDA? Big
Pharmakia. The problem is not that all AMA trained physicians are unwise or necessarily greedy, but rather if they wish to
maintain their AMA licencing, they must do what the powers-that-be tell them to do;

Scare the hell out of people by telling them they only have a certain amount of time to live, often only if they engage in an
expensive treatment, or surgery to remove the effected tissue.

1. Cancer thrives on Weakened Immune Systems. (Fear of death aids in immune system breakdown)

2. Poor Nutrition helps Cancer to Survive. (Most foods are filled with cancer causing agents)

3. Cancer survives by growing its own blood vessels.

4. Cancer cells begin eating the body when they run out of food.

5. Cancer cells can be attacked and destroyed.

6. Cancer Cells have Electrical Activity within them.

7. Cancer Cells Hide after Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Conventional medicine merely removes effected tissues rather than repairing the immune system to allow it to do its job to fight
off the infection.

We could read all day about things like phenomenon of humoral immunity, Neutrophils, Granulocytes, Eosinophil, Basophil,
Lymphocytes  and Monocytes, however at the end of the day it all boils down to learning to take responsibility for your own
health, and how your mental stability effects your health.

If you are consuming bottled or utility water;
STOP! It is dead water. It drains your vital energies. Drink only water from high
mountain springs. Such springs contain crystalline energies that are neutralized in water filtration systems.  

Also check you Ph level. If your Ph level is to high or low, your body can not fight off infections.

Eating tips that help prevent cancer

The Wave Series Transcripts and Cancer;
What about when you are dealing with cancer... some cancers have shown to be microbial.
A: Microbially triggered.

Q: So cancers are microbially triggered?
A: Some.

"Q: (V) I have been helping a woman who has cancer. I see her cancer as a sideline even though it is in the lymph system. Is
this correct?
A: Cancer is always a "sideline."

Q: (V) When I was working with her, I felt a lot of energy flow coming up from her solar plexus. Was this the disease energy
A: Constriction easing. If she wants to remain on third density, she must change a 28 year long outlook, and purge feelings,
rather than collecting them as a "sponge."

Also, dietary changes are needed. We suggest sauerkraut extract and fruit juices and broccoli. She needs colonic therapy, and
if diagnosis is "terminal," why are poisonous treatments a consideration? We strongly recommend that you suggest a change in
the 28 year long outlook.

She must purge and cleanse her mind, body, and soul, as with ALL cancer patients."

If you are willing to accept further information from outside of the space/time continuum, then consider what
The Law of One
has to say regarding
cancer (HERE)

Studies have shown that eating raw apricot kernel seeds, which  
can be found in most health food stores, shrink cancerous tumors.

A 150 pound person would need to eat about 700 kernels
per month.
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