Warren Buffit invested millions of dollars into this system.
FEMA/Homeland Security is just another leg of the United Nations

A friend of mine
claims to have seen  
some of these train
cars outside Reno
Nevada some years
ago siting on side

They were 3 stories
high and equipped
with what appeared to
be straps to bind
human arms and legs.

Apparently, there are over 800 of these FEMA Camps spread
throughout the U.S. Some claim that they are all connected to  
crematories. But I have no eye witnesses to validate that claim.

Judging by Katrina, FEMA, nor is Homeland Security
a friend of We the People.

I have seen former military bases where the razer wire
has been relocated to keep people in, rather than out.

And apparently, there are such basses across the USA.
So what is the deal?

Are these detention centers designed to house the homeless
population, or for those who refuse to comply?

Apparently, some time back someone sent an email to an
unnamed church with over 800 congregations around the
world asking if any of their pastors were involved
in the FEMA program.

Apparently, the head office replied back stating
'Sorry, that is privileged information'.

It seems to me that the 3rd Reich was a trial run.
Could it be that 4th Reich began on September 11th 2001,
but did not go off as planned?

Obviously someone expected/expects something big to
happen, or they would not have spent billions of dollars.

I'd say, let us not become fearful about any of this, but do be
concerned enough to store extra food and whatever else we
might need in the event of a social collapse.

Following are some pictures and information,

But, again, lets not get our panties all
waded up over any of this.
FEMA Camps?
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Civilian labor prison camps. The queen's work for food program. Will you whore yourself, bow down to these phycopaths for a mouth full of bread each day?
Your constitutional rights are history
This was one of the first documents created
making our Constitutional Rights History
Locations of FEMA camps
FEMA Camp Locations
They robbed the native peoples of their land and resources, making them slaves. What is stopping them from doing the same to you?

"Q: (T) Are they for the subjugation of the U.S. when they start the implement the
final stages of the New World Order in this country?
A: Remains to be seen.

Q: (L) Do they actually have buildings or places set up in this country (Laura was in the USA at that time)
to be crematoriums and labor camps as I have read about in several articles?
A: Yes." - The Wave Series
Is your Pastor on FEMA's payroll?
Welcome to
Old World