A beautiful, or rather a brutal mind?
mk ultra programmed assassins?
Created for the wholesell slaughter of the human race by innerdimentional beings from outside of our own time and space continuum?
Is Marshall law coming to the entire globe, via The U.N.?
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Military Industrial Complex

Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Police or M.J.T.F.

Is NATO designed to enforce UN corporate mandates?

Having been brainwashed into believing they're doing their patriotic
duty, most having been picked up on the road to no where, now
programmed to murder in order to protect corporate interests, many
now consciousness seared in Iraq, (with a few exceptions) they are
now ready to dominate planet earth.

Are some now bullies dressed in black ski masks and are ready to enter
your schools, homes, offices and churches in order to put down all dissent?
Is the military Industrial Complex/NATO breeding and/or cloning
Super-Soldiers lacking empathy?

Standing Rock demonstrated whom they are loyal to.

Our resistance may be futile unless we all stand united.

Apparently, The Military Industrial Complex
is NOT about protecting freedoms,
but rather is designed to gain and protect
corporate interests around the globe.

For many years they have collected our tax dollars
in order to build their NATO/Military Industrial Complex.

Using that complex, their CIA, NSA, Mossad,
Jesuit Priesthood and countless other
unregulated organizations, they are able to
maintain instability within all nations in order to
maintain their economic/political/religious dominance.

With weapon technologies apparently gleamed from
crashed UFOs and alliances made with off-world races,
the Military Industrial Complex now has weapons
designed to destroy, even their off-world enemies.

Could it be that their foes are our friends?

Yet, this is the thank you
our young men and
service women receive
from the beautiful minds
of their leaders;

"Military men are just
dumb stupid animals, to
be used as pawns in
foreign policy." -- Henry
Welcome to
Old World