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One Planet, One Unified People

If just one of us goes without, our entire way of life is a total failure

Because if you;

Support political candidates based solely on their political affiliation,

Believe that elections and mainstream medias are NOT rigged,

Do not know that the Federal Reserve (IRS) is a privately owned corporation,

Do not know that war creates massive wealth for that privately owned corporation,

Do not realize that the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) is a separate nation-state which is this planets
primary supporter of terrorist organizations,

Believe that organisations such as the UN, NATO, etc. are not governed by corporate greed,

Believe that GMO foods are healthy,

Are unaware that the AMA is a legal mafia designed to treat symptoms with unnatural toxic synthetic compounds
in order to maintain a perpetual state of dis-ease while suppressing the ancient healing arts of our ancestors,

Believe that governments add fluorides to water to protect our teeth,

Believe that cell phone/WIFI frequencies and vaccinations are not harmful,

Do not know that the political, educational and religious systems are all designed to indoctrinate our children
into a bias based belief system which is primed to keep us in a state of perpetual war,


"Once the people liberate their minds and take a hard look at what the 1% are doing and what the 99% should be
doing, then change begins to happen." ~ Michael Parenti

"Nations have been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education... no nation is
rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both." ~ Abraham Flexner

"Laws: We know what they are, and what they are worth. They are spider webs for the rich, steel chains for the
working poor and fishing nets in the hands of the government." ~~ Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865)

Equal Resource Distribution System

The morning that I turned on CBS news and began seeing images of airliners hitting the Twin Towers in NYC, then minutes
later a news commentator reporting that Building #7 had collapsed even before it had actually collapsed, nor had it been hit by
an airliner, I thought there had to be a logical explanation.

But when I began seeing images of the steel beams that had once held up the Twin Towers, now looked as if they had been
cut at 45 degree angles, I then knew there had to be more to the story.

It was then I began to research. I lessened to many eye witness testimonials and spent countless hours hoping to understand
why our world is as it is.

Based upon the evidence, it became clear to me that 9-11 created massive profit for the ruling class in more ways than most
can even imagine, and if you spend a few hours on this website you may begin to understand what I mean.

It seems to me that from birth humans have been programed to be materialistic dependent slaves to corporate controlled
governors, rather than to an equal communal resource distribution system lead by We, the People.

It also seems to me that the secret of change is to focus our energy, not on fighting against the old world of moralist disorder
where only an elite few have been allowed to prosper, but rather to focus our combined energy on creating an ethical world
where everyone is given an equal opportunity to thrive.

Much like enabling an addict to continue engaging in destructive behavior, so it is that each time we sign an agreement to pay
federal taxation enables the separate nation state known as the District of Columbia to continue engaging in its destructive

It is time to end the Fed then use those funds to rebuild the infrastructure of each state because all citizens of planet earth
have been systematically and intentionally defrauded into paying taxes that they do not owe

It is time for us to claim our sovereignty, take responsibility for our-selves, stop paying federal taxes..., aka the IRS and other
parasitic institutions in order to retain the funds needed to make repairs to our infrastructure and to care for our own
communities in the way that only We, the People can.

It is time to return to the village of our roots where the privatization of resources ends, and We, the People begin. If not, we will
continue allowing our-selves to be dominated by people who do not have our, nor this planet's best interest at heart, whose
only concern is massive financial gain.

Therefore, If we wish change, then we must stand up against all forms of injustice nor matter have minor it may seem.

Once we  are able to put our petty differences aside, we could then learn to work together to design a system where no one
will ever be able to profit from our labor or suffering again, where we could all then learn to share earth's resources equally.

Following are the steps I would take to create an Equal Resource Distribution System;

Firstly, I'd work to somehow gain the loyalty of law enforcement and other armed forces so that the ruling elite hierarchy no
longer have goons to do their dirty work.

Next, I'd file a class action lawsuit naming every family bloodline and the various corporations that each family controls which
has gained them excessive wealth through deception, war and human suffering.

It seems to me that most political, religious and corporate managers are merely pawns who may be willing to do the right thing.
However, because the ruling elite use mental manipulations, fear tactics, bribes and blackmail to maintain their domination,
most political/religious pawns may feel just as powerless as we do.

Therefore, within a class action lawsuit, We, the People of Planet Earth should offer the ruling elite and their pawns amnesty to
live out their lives without fear of persecution if they relinquish all corporate interests to We, the People, forgive all debt then
place all ill-gotten gain into a trust fund to be used to rebuild planet earth's infrastructure.

I'd also make sure that the ruling elite could never again procreate, leave their confinement, nor have any outside contact with
anyone again. If they agree to the above, then we should allow them to live out their remaining years in relative comfort.

Once We, the People claim our sovereignty, we could then create a true United Nations where we all could then begin voting
on ways to create a world wide equal wealth distribution system without ever firing a single bullet.

We hear much talk today about a coming one world government. From the evidence I spent countless hours considering,
it seems that we are already governed under a one world archetypal hierarchy, and have been for countless generations.

I realize that this may all sound batshit crazy to those of who have not taken the time to read the evidence on this and other
websites, but please hear me out, because its seems that nothing is what it seems.

Once We, the People of Planet Earth have united most of the people under a common goal of world peace and equal wealth
distribution of resources, hopefully the divisiveness within the man-made religions of our forefathers will slowly die off.

However, until then we must allow all people their religious belief systems because those systems are all most people have to
help them make sense of their reality, identify with their families, friends and peers until a unifying reality can be fully forged.  

If we wish to prevent anyone from ever gaining an economic stronghold again, we would need to impose a world wide 100%
inheritance tax (minus family heirlooms such as pictures, jewelry and furniture, etc....)

Those resources could then also be used to help maintain our infrastructures. This tax would also ensure that our children
succeed based upon their own merit, rather than on their parent's, giving our children something to truly be proud of.

Once freed from all forms of old world corporate monopolies, only managers of our various Common Wealth institutions should
receive a slightly higher salary to insure that they continue working to create and maintain fair resource distribution systems
such as......

Free energy systems;

Once there is no longer a way to create excessive wealth, the harnessing of the earth's natural energy, which various people
such as Tesla tried to develop, could then be developed and used world wide.

Clean water and food;

Once we prevent them from polluting our air, water and soil with the chemicals made from petroleum and other toxic materials,
this planet may be able to begin healing its-self as we begin to develop systems designed to purify our air, water and soil.


We already have enough shelters for everyone, but some would need to be upgraded or replaced to meet energy and safe
living standards. Those with dependent children should be given first priority over shelters with larger space.

If children choose to move out upon entering the workforce, their parents could then be given incentives to relocate to shelters
with less space in order to make room for newly forming families.

If we wish to relocate, each community could create a list of available jobs and shelters within their area for everyone to
choose from based on their qualification.

Health Care;

Some of us are aware that the ruling class have created a health care system designed to fill their coffers with massive wealth
prescribing symptom treating synthetic drugs and performing, often unnecessary surgeries.

We could create a holistic health care system similar to what Muammar Gaddafi had created in Libya before he was murdered.
A health care system which rewards the innovators of cures and preventions, rather than suppress innovations.

This planet is not yet over-populated, it's just that our resources are obviously not being distributed fairly. However, I suggest
that we figure out a way to prevent our children from procreating until they are fully educated and deemed both mentally and
financially stable.

Then make it the soul responsibility of both parents to shelter, clothe, feed and educate their children.


During grade school we could teach our children the basics and job skills along with life skills. During the early years of high
school we could then begin testing them to see what skills they have that would best serve them and the Common Wealth.

Then based upon what they are good at and what they believe they would enjoy doing, they could then begin on the job

If we wish to change jobs, say after five years, we could then locate someone with a similar skill set who wishes to trade jobs
with us. That way no one burns out.  

Everyone should begin working at something productive by age 25 until age 65, or for as long as they wish to continue as long
as they are able to remain productive.

Once freed from the inflation caused by ruling class corporations, everyone should continue to receive a living wage  
throughout their remaining years.

People, such as farmers who have generational land should be allowed to continue working the land, and the Common Wealth
should be responsible to make sure that the farmer has the necessary resources to help the farmer succeed for the
betterment of the Common Wealth.


I realize that the following will sound really Orwellian to most of you because most of us were programmed to fear the so called
"Mark of the Beast". However, evidence shows that an antichrist has been with us for a very long time already.

It is the debt based economic system created by the ruling class banking cartel. Today we know it as VISA and one's such as
Master Card.

In order to prevent exploitation, crime & corruption, we need a way to monitor everyone on this planet.

Science has shown that every human has an energy signature that is unique to that individual.

That signature could be recorded, a description and name placed into a data bank (if it has not already been done through a
form of the chronovisor tech that was developed by the Vatican) to identify each of us and our location at any given time.

Think about this... If we were to develop such a system, all forms of criminal behaver, such as identity theft, abduction, etc. the
system would know who was involved.

Also, the system could be designed to monitor our health in order to alert medical personal if we are injured or about to have,
say a heart attack. Knowing our location, the system could then dispatch a medical team to our location.

The only problem I see is that it would be difficult to insure that no one could manipulate the system for their own selfish gain.
But then, if there was no way to gain excessive wealth, then there would be nothing to be concerned about.

So how do we prevent manipulation? By incorporating an electronic form of commerce. If we all work to contribute to the
greater good, then we should all have an equal share of earth's resources based upon our dependents, such as any children
we bring into this world who have mental or physical challenges.

Once we have a more secure society, I'd suggest that security personal be issued only non-lethal mechanisms to help ensure
our continued security, and that all lethal weapons be secured within shooting ranges and designated game hunting areas

However, because a system such as I described above will not prevent someone from causing harm, I'd also suggest that
everyone learns how to use non-lethal mechanisms to help ensure their personal safety until trained peace keepers arrive at
the location.

Leisure time;

Leisure time is important for everyone. Therefore, more recreational areas would need to be created to help meet our various

If adults wish to drink alcohol or use other recreational drugs, I believe they should be free to do so on their free time, but only
in areas where there are no underage children.

And anyone found putting anyone's life in danger due to intoxication, or mental health disorder would need to be placed where
they can receive help for any adverse addiction, or mental health disorder they may have.

Prison System;

We all do stupid things in our youth. If and when we do, it should be a sign that we need extra help, not incarceration.

For those whom are deemed disruptive, more advanced life skill training should be mandated to help them become productive
members of society.

If there is no improvement after three attempts, then those individuals would need to be placed into a penal colony with all the
resources they would need to help them maintain a safe and healthy system which creates products for everyone's use.  

Those who murder by choice, or rape would need to be incarcerated and treated as mentally ill while working at something for
a greater good until, if and when they are ever deemed capable of returning to mainstream society.

All forms of mental illness should be one of our primary concerns because everyone's mental health effects everyone.

Those who cause the death of another by accident, all involved should receive counseling.

I also believe that any able bodied person who refuses to work at something productive by age 25 should lose all access to
commerce, food, water and shelter.

However, nomadic people should be given the option of recording them into the system then allowed to continue their lifestyle,
and that if they choose to be part of the system, the Common Wealth should remain in communication with them in the event
that they require aid. We should not force our will upon anyone. However, we should give everyone incentives to be part of.

We could end poverty and homelessness within months, once, We, the People have the educational system required and the
willingness to change how we think.

I could spend many hours expanding on my ideals, however I hope that you understand there will be many problems we will
need to work together to solve.

If what the late Aaron Russo discovered from the friendship he held with Nicholas Rockefeller is true, then it seems that the
ruling class already have a similar plan. However, their plan obviously would involve their continued domination. Therefore, if
we do not decide to come together in order to formulate societal restructuring, the ruling class will do it for us.

It is time for us to step out of our comfort zone and begin thinking in new and different ways.

We must learn to stop seeking our differences and begin seeking our similarities,  

We must learn how to cooperate with one another, rather than continue to compete against one another.

If not, we will continue inviting the ruling classes lower order to continue pitting us one against the other remaining hopelessly
divided within this jungle mentality of old world moralistic disorder.

We, the people have the power to change our world, now all we need is the willingness to formulate a unifying goal. This may
be all the ruling class hierarchy are waiting for us to do, and once we are unified in thought, their duty here will be complete,

Resources to help become the change we wish to see;

New Hampshire is becoming a mecca for freedom from federal manipulation (HERE)

Michael Tellinger explains how the UBUNTU Contributionism system operates (HERE)

Michael E. V. Knight created a Facebook group designed to free us from the current debt based economy (HERE)

David Frank's plan to give all people a voice in how we are governed (HERE)

Dave Parker has created the Free Energy Party (HERE)

If you have questions or comments, please use the Contact Me here on this website, and/or join me on Facebook (HERE)

I wish you the very best on your journey of self-discovery and I thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.

May the winds of positive change blow in your/our favor.   

Hello, my name is Ray Chandler.

I am the creator of this website.

Having spent countless hours reading various philosophies, it now seems
highly possible that what many today call the ruling elite are an ancient
hierarchical bloodline which has been using various forms of media to
persuade public opinion in order to manipulate every aspect of life on
this planet from politics, to economics and religion.

Whatever people choose to call them, be it Illuminati, Reptilians,
Draconians, Annunaki, Archons, Lucifertarians, the Demiurge,
the Orions, Jinn, devils or demons really does not matter to me.

What matters to me is preventing them from poisoning the minds of our
youth and pitting us one against the other as they continue to profit
from our labor while polluting this planet with toxins.

However, because most people are only able to believe what they are
conditioned to believe, most will be unable to relate to my proposal.

If you await someone to save us, or are content with the current
system, then what I have to say will not apply to you.
Equal Resource Distribution System
Equal Resource Distribution System
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A World
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