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Let not, revenge be your governor

Many Ancient texts and various visions all point to a change in the
way the universe is governed. I understand it as a shift from current
Old World Disorder into a New World Order.

However, most people today, whether they understand it, or even
wish to acknowledge it, know that big changes are on our horizon.

Whether it be climatic upheavals caused by, what I understand to
be a Realm Border Crossing
, a shift in conscious awareness, or
both, prepared your hearts and minds for the worst case scenario
now because Old World Disorder may fight for its very survival.

A member of a social media stated called "Above Top Secret" stated;

"ATS: Earth Changes; While I understand that death is not the end of my existence,
I like my body and would not like to get caught out in any earth changes if I can possibly help it.

If your family permits, please could you reveal which places are more likely to be relatively safe during the next 3-4 years? Would
the South of China (Canton/Hong Kong) or Patagonia be good bets? Any other places?

HH: I am not permitted to say much here, as there must be those who remain in their locations, to help others who are not aware of
what is coming. Many of you (whether you are aware or not) have chosen this lifetime for that reason.

But if you are insistent upon escape, choose the Highest places you can find. Particularly in the Southern Hemisphere if you are
able. The Peruvian Andes is a good place to be. There is much Spiritual Power being exercised there, and the Quero Elders are
well aware of what is going down."

If you are unfamiliar with higher dimensional thought transference, then I highly recommend reading

"Questioner: Would the coming changes as we progress into fourth-density such as changes in the physical third-density planet
due to the heating effect
(caused by fear of the unknown) and changes such as the ability of people to perform what we term
paranormal activities act as catalyst to create a greater seeking?
Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. The paranormal events occurring are not designed to increase seeking but are manifestations
of those whose vibratory configuration enables these entities to contact the gateway to intelligent infinity. These entities capable of
paranormal service may determine to be of such service on a conscious level. This, however, is a function of the entity and its free
will and not the paranormal ability.

The correct portion of your statements is the greater opportunity for service due to the many changes which will offer many
challenges, difficulties, and seeming distresses within your illusion to many who then will seek to understand, if we may use this
misnomer, the reason for the malfunctioning of the physical rhythms of their planet.

Moreover, there exists probability/possibility vortices which spiral towards your bellicose actions. Many of these vortices are not of
the nuclear war but of the less annihilatory but more lengthy so-called “conventional” war. This situation, if formed in your illusion,
would offer many opportunities for seeking and for service.

Questioner: How would conventional warfare offer the opportunities for seeking and service?
Ra: I am Ra. The possibility/probabilities exist for situations in which great portions of your continent and the globe in general might
be involved in the type of warfare which you might liken to guerrilla warfare. The ideal of freedom from the so-called invading force
of either the controlled fascism or the equally controlled social common ownership of all things would stimulate great quantities of
contemplation upon the great polarization implicit in the contrast between freedom and control.

In this scenario which is being considered at this time/space nexus the idea of obliterating valuable sites and personnel would not
be considered an useful one. Other weapons would be used which do not destroy as your nuclear arms would. In this on-going
struggle the light of freedom would burn within the mind/body/spirit complexes capable of such polarization.

Lacking the opportunity for overt expression of the love of freedom, the seeking for inner knowledge would take root aided by those
of the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow which remember their calling upon this sphere.

Questioner: Are you saying then that this possible condition of war would be much more greatly spread across the surface of the
globe than anything we have experienced in the past and therefore touch a larger percentage of the population in this form of
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. There are those now experimenting with one of the major weapons of this scenario, that is the so-
called psychotronic group of devices
(HAARP?) which are being experimentally used to cause such alterations in wind and weather
as will result in eventual famine. If this program is not countered and proves experimentally satisfactory, the methods in this
scenario would be made public.

There would then be what those whom you call Russians hope to be a bloodless invasion of their personnel in this and every land
deemed valuable. However, the peoples of your culture have little propensity for bloodless surrender."

(Most will not understand the "game" beings played, therefore will respond to their perception of "evil aggressor" with further

Questioner: Am I to understand, then, that there is no protection at all if the Experience of the Mind has chosen the left-hand
(service-to-self) path and that path is traveled? All random catalyst may affect the negatively polarized individual as a function of the
statistical nature of the random catalyst. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. You may note some of those of your peoples which, at this space/time nexus, seek places of survival.
This is due to the lack of protection when service to self is invoked." -
The Law of One

It seems major changes are coming. With big change comes big challenges. So what can we do to help us prepare?

Firstly, DO NOT BECOME FEARFUL, these changes are all part of a natural cycle.

A good offence is the best defence. Get away from large cities.

Take what money you may have now and purchase all the canned, dried or dehydrated foods you can afford.

If you own a travel trailer or other portable shelter, stock it with enough food for one year or longer prepared to leave for higher
ground and away from population within an hours time.

You can use non-perfumed chlorine bleach to sterilize water. Use about 1 teaspoons per 1 gallons of water, stirred well and allowed
to stand for at least 24 hours with a lid on it or until it no longer smells of chemicals. Boiling water helps, but it is not always enough
to kill harmful bacteria which can resist high temperatures.

If you wish to begin purchasing storable foods, I purchased our bulk dehydrated proteins from Survival Acres.

And start now removing those worthless lawns and flower gardens and plant food and begin teaching yourself how to preserve
what you don't eat and store it in a cool dry place.   

However, if you are left with no safe ground, below you will find various PDF books than can be down loaded for free.

Non-violent Books of Resistance:

David's Tool Kit: A Citizen's Guide to Taking Out Big Brother's Heavy Weapons by Ragnar Benson

How to Start & Train a Militia Unit - PM 8--94 by Maj. George Westmoreland, USMC Ret.

US Marine Corp SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

Secret Freedom Fighter: Fighting Tyranny without Terrorizing the Innocent by Jefferson Mack

Invisible Resistance to Tyranny by Jefferson Mack

Running a Ring of Spies by Jefferson Mack

SOE The Art of Guerrilla Warfare by Gubbins

Ragnar's Urban Survival by Ragnar Benson

The Modern Survival Retreat: A New and Vital Approach to Retreat Theory and Practice by Ragnar Benson

SOE Partisan Leaders Handbook by Gubbins

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict by Robert Helvey

NonViolent Action and Strategies

Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, a Citizens call to Action by Naomi Wolf
Surviving On An Ever Changing World
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Old World