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Crop Circles and Stargates?

Questions were asked regarding the Crop Circle pictured above.

However, if you are unfamiliar with higher dimension thought transference, then I highly recommend reading my page (HERE)

The Wave Series Transcripts and Crop Circles;

"Q: (L) Why are there so many crop circles in Britain?
A: Window. Is why Stonehenge was built there.

Q: (L) Now I want to ask about this crop circle supposedly that was created here on or around Aug. 15, 2002 and I guess the first
thing I'd like to ask is "whodunnit"?
A: It was produced via 4th density technology.

Q: (V) "guest" Service-To-Self or Service-To-Others 4th density technology?

Q: (L) Okay. You said via 4th density technology. However you did not say via 4th density beings...
A: Correct. There has been much advancement in 3D realm tech due to 4D interaction.

Q: (V) Between whom and 3rd density?
A: Consortium. (4D STS Orion confederation, aka Brotherhood of the Serpent?)

Q: (L) Well, I noticed that last year, on or about the same date, the crop circle appeared with the woman's face - the Chilbolton Crop
glyph - and the so called signal thing. Was that also the production of 4th density?
A: No.

Q: (L) I noticed also that Aug. 15 is, in fact, an ancient feast day of the Mother Goddess and therefore the appearance of the face
last year was somewhat appropriate. In fact, I had a dream to go with that one. This new one, produced on almost - if not exactly - the
same date, seems almost like it is a response to the face image last year.

The message deciphered from this new crop circle is - and Ark (Laura's husband) has checked it and confirmed the deciphering;

"Appono Astos" - "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time - and then an
unknown word - there is good out there. We Oppose deception. Conduit closing.
(bell sound)."

What is the meaning of this message?
A: The first thing that was intended was to demonize the crop circle phenomenon. The second thing was to give those who are
susceptible the impression that their favorite gray aliens might be "good guys." The third thing intended was to send a message of
doubt directly to this room. (Meaning Laura and company?).

Q: (J) The conduit is closing.' Since the C's have talked about creating a conduit from the beginning, they are trying to convince us
that the conduit is closing. What was the garbled word, was it "believe"?
A: It was believe. However the glitch was due to the application of the technology. This provides the clue to the STS source.

Q: (J) Okay so their amateur fumbling caused the glitch. (A) The human element is probably the glitch in the software. There was a
A: Wishful thinking will get ya every time.

Q: (L) So they were wishfully thinking that they had everything perfect and they didn't. (A) Still I want to know if physical
characteristics of this circle were matched with the physical characteristics of what would be considered an authentic crop circle?
A: They can get close. But again, there are differences. These can be detected if one is aware and looking.

Q: (J) Is there any criteria you can give us to measure against, is there anything in particular to look for? Or would it pop out as
something strange that doesn't make sense in a crop circle if you examine it? Or is there actual...
A: One thing to look for would be growth disruptions to the area. Real circles do not disrupt the creative principle.

Q: (J) Now would this lack of disruption of the creative principle apply to crop circles created by STS, STO, or both?

Q: (J) So STO doesn't disrupt the life cycle but, if it were STS then it would change it. That would make sense. Well, there again the
reported effects of contact with STS: the coldness, the burning, the whole negativity of it. That would logically disrupt the life cycle. As
for the way that they do this: you say that it was directed from 4th density. Do they actually come in and have any kind of physical
apparatus in the vicinity to do this?
A: It was not done from 4D.

Q: (J) I'm not talking about the one that we're talking about this time, I'm talking about when STO creates a crop circle do they have a
A: Real crop circles represent thoughts from 6th density unified thought realm.

Q: (J) Okay. So that's why they don't disrupt the growth; because they're using thought forms as opposed to STS technology, either
the 3D or 4D or what not. Have any crop circles been made by 4th density STS directly?
A: Very few and quite ineptly up to this point.

Q: (L) Is it true that crop circles are a kind of grand Reiki being given to the planet?
A: But also messages and lessons.

Q: (L) Well, could it also be said that Reiki symbols as applied to the body are etheric messages to the etheric body?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) In reading about crop circles; I know that we have been told that they come from sixth density, but I would like to know the exact
mode or mechanism by which they are made. Is it like electromagnetic imprinting, is it like a whirlwind. Can you tell us a little bit about
how they are actually physically created?
A: Field transfer.

Q: (L) What kind of field?
A: Magnetic.

Q: (L) Are they transferred directly from sixth density to third density?
A: No.

Q: (L) Are they manifested by an object that has come into third density, such as a craft of some sort?
A: No.

Q: (L) Can you give us a clue here?
A: We can give "clue."

Q: (L) Okay, what is the clue?
A: See Hoagland.

Q: (L) What does Hoagland say? (T) He says that basically what we see in this density is a 3rd dimension reflection of 4th dimension
and that it can be seen mathematically by looking at the cloud patterns on the different planets. If there was not another dimension
above us, circular would be circular and the circular motion of the clouds would be maintained,

but if it is a transfer from fourth density to third density, when you are looking at a fourth density object, what the third density version
of it would look like would show a hexagonal figure with angles to it, and that the photographs from the Voyager Probe that show that
the cloud patterns from the North and South poles of most of the planets are not circular, they are hexagonal. (L) Okay, in sixth
density, what are crop circles?
A: Thoughts.

Q: (L) Who is thinking these thoughts?
A: Yours truly. (us in our future?)

Q: (L) Okay, if they are thoughts... (J) They are messages so they could be thoughts before they are messages. (T) Well, they have
described sixth density as pure energy, therefore there is nothing physical in sixth density to reflect back through the densities. So
the only thing that can come from there to here is thought. Because, that is all there is there. (L) So, it is a field transfer of thought.

(T) So, when sixth density thinks and they pass that down, most likely skipping fifth density to fourth density, and then stepping down
from fourth to third, we end up with a three dimensional crop circle. But what does a crop circle look like in fourth density?
A: "Look" is not point.

Q: (L) What is the point?
A: You need visual stimuli in order to remember.

Q: (L) You said that crop circles represented thoughts from 6th density. What does this mean?
A: We are compiling an almanac as well as a manual for the entire terran population there. The reason we are doing this, is that
there are millions who want to know the answers on the eve of the Grand Cycle Transformation. However, there are precious few that
have chosen to try this form of communication, thus opening up a conduit.

Q: (L) Well, how many people are going to be able to understand?
A: But it would not be in form with Prime Level 7 Directive to limit entirely the availability of supreme knowledge!!!

Q: (L) So you are trying to put the entire story out there for all the world to see?
A: Not "trying," we are, my dear.

Q: (L) Okay, crop circles are a language, so to speak. Are they in some way related to mathematics?
A: Mathematics is the one and only true universal language."

Latest Crop Circle question was asked on June 11th, 2011;

"Q: (L) Why have this year's crop circles been so lame?"
A: 6D has begun to withdraw from the fray.

Q: (L) Well, what do you mean by, "withdraw from the fray"?
A: As we have pointed out before, the cop circles were an almanac. The last page is soon to turn." - The Waves Series Transcripts

Of all the crop circles which have captured my imagination,
this crop circle sent a shiver up my spine.

Each year we received more and more complex images. Is it
possible that the geometric shapes in crop circles are/were
triggers designed to help us remember that which is stored
within our DNA memory?

Were/are crop circle
s pure undistorted thought made manifest
into physical mass from within our higher levels of consciousness?

Is it possible that the crop circles we see today are now being
generated by our lower levels of consciousness... aka the dieing
breath of the old world of moralistic disorder in its final bid to
maintain the domination it has enjoyed for countless generations?

If so, then we may have received the final chapter of undistorted
truth/light within the crop circle phenomena, and now most, if not
all crop circle formations will be distortions until the
new era/age has fully manifested.

The only means to understanding why I have made those
statements, is to read more than one or two pages on this website,
because reading a page or two on this, or any other related website
will not provide enough evidence to help understand the simple
complexity of the creation.

Notice that the planet Saturn has a hexagon shape
within its north pole.

I am still trying to rap my mind around what the difference is
between a portal, a conduit, a wormhole and a stargate.

If we consider the statement made within the Wave Series regarding
our being multi-dimensional, and when Seth stated that;

"There is one God, but within that God are many.
There is one self, but within that self are many.
There is one body, in one time,
but the self has other bodies in other times.
All 'times' exist at once."  

It would then seem that we, due to our connection to what is called
The Silver Thread" are multi level convergence point
time travelers per se, but are only aware of one level at a time.   

Is it possible that Saturn is a stargate leading to
various times and/or other spaces?

It has also been claimed that planet earth
is a primary convergence point.

It is also claimed that the Inca god Veracocha entered our 3D, what we
perceive to be reality, via Hayu Marca which is located in the
Peruvian mountains of South America.

Thoth talked about making 90 degree turns to enter various times and
spaces. Many people have claimed that they have seen
UFOs make
90 degree turns in our skies, then disappear.

There is something very profound about all this.
But what it all means, I am uncertain.
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