Those of you who have read my Primary Home Page, may
now understanding that it is highly possible that once the
first to become self-aware, that awareness...
aka GOD then fragmented its-self into manyness
in order to realize its full potential.

That manyness... aka you/I/us/we then having our unique
personalities which defines our unique energy signatures
which is as unique as our physical fingerprint or eye retina.

Therefore, no two of us are exactly the same.

Even twins born seconds apart do not share the exact
same energy signature, nor the exact same personality
even though they may physically look the same.

The correlations responsible for creating our various personality types are based off of various contributing factors
such as the time and location we enter our physical earth-suits.

Unbeknownst to most people, The Wizard of Oz may have been one of the greatest stories ever told to explain the current  
experiential learning cycles we are on and the various zodiac/archetypals within each cycle which creates our various personality
types and the roles we all play in the grand scheme of the current archetypal cycle.

We are currently ending the era/age/cycle of the tyranny within Pisces, and beginning the era/age/cycle of renewal within Aquarius.   

If you wish to understand the roles various archetypals play, then read; "
The Archetypical Mind (HERE)

However, if you are unfamiliar with what I term higher dimensional thought transference, then I highly recommend reading (HERE)

Below is a list of the Zodiac Signs and the Elements they represent, along with the Compatibility of the four Elements.

Followed by
Known Personality Types.

Followed by Where Did the Concept of Astrology Originate?

Followed by Why Are Some More Prone to Commit Crime?

Zodiac Signs

January 20 - February 19 = Aquarius

February 20 - March 20 = Pisces

March 21 - April 20 = Aries

April 21 - May  21 = Taurus

May 22  - June 22 = Gemini

June 23 - July 23 = Cancer

July 24 - August 23 = Leo

August 24 - September 23 = Virgo

September 24 - October 23 = Libra

October 24 - November 22 = Scorpio

23 November - 22 December = Sagittarius

December 23 - January 19 = Capricorn

Elements of Zodiac Signs

(Please try to understand that within this, a dualistic creation the term "negative" does not imply bad. It merely means self-absorbing.
Whereas, positive means radiating.)  

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire, which is of the positive polarity.  

Fire signs are enthusiastic, energetic, outgoing, spontaneous and intuitive (spiritual).

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earth, which is of the negative polarity

Earth signs are practical but cautious, down to earth, but can be stubborn and are more physical (scientific minded.)

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air, which is of the positive polarity.

Air signs are intellectual and communicative, mental (thinking and logic)

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water, which is of the negative polarity.

Water signs tend to be emotional and inward looking.

Compatibility between the Elements

Air fans the flame of fire allowing it to burn brightly.

Earth gives water form or foundation. Therefore, the security it requires.  

Water and air have a tendency to irritate one another.

While earth and Water both put out fire's flame.

Known Personality Types      

“It is almost an absurd prejudice to suppose that existence can only be physical. As a matter of fact, the only form of existence of
which we have immediate knowledge is psychic [i.e. in the mind]. We might as well say, on the contrary, that physical existence is a
mere inference, since we know of matter only in so far as we perceive psychic images mediated by the senses." -

When I began my academic studies at a Jr. college in 1997, every time an instructor talked about a known personality type, my
classmates and I would begin wondering which personality type we and others were. If you wish to explore which personality type
you may be, I highly recommend doing so with someone who knows you very well.  

Grandiose Behavior;

Project delusions of grandeur

Exaggerates their own importance at the expense of others.

Overestimates their abilities, intelligence, and judgment.

Live beyond their means.

Refers everything in the environment to themselves.

Are unaware of the needs & feelings of other people.

Rigidly judgmental outlook.

Accompanies the grandiose behavior;

Intense impatience.

Desires immediate satisfaction of their demands.

Childish-behavior and attitudes.

Easily bored.

Changes feelings from moment to moment.

Can suddenly "pick up their marbles and go home."

Unable to enjoy with more mature people, things like reading, conversation, movies.


Can rationalize and justify their own irresponsible behavior.

Over reacts to situations.

Attaches a disproportionate intensity of feeling to an ordinary insignificant event or mishap (a missed phone call or losing a hand at
bridge, etc.) - harbors a hateful resentment toward a superior for rather trivial reasons or for no apparent reason.

Self-centered - considers our own agenda more important than that of others.

Addicts have been described as “Egotists with inferiority complexes.”

Self-Defecting Learned Behaviors

Caretakers; also see Co-dependency (HERE)

Learn to base their self-image on how much they can do for others, but they never learn to take care of themselves. They tend to
breed dependency by setting things right, bailing others out, etc. and do not allow others to take on the
responsibility for their own actions. As these generally feel responsible for the happiness of others.

They often feel they need to ‘bend the rules’ to bail people out of the trouble they bring on themselves.

They sometimes wonder why so many people lean on them without being sensitive to their needs once in a

They find it easier to take care of others than to take care of themselves.

They never have enough time to accomplish all of their tasks.

They become preoccupied by talking about other people’s problems over their own.


Go along with whatever, to get along with whomever. They learn that their self-esteem is based on never making anyone angry or
unset. They learn to lie habitually and directly. They give away their power and are always in a state of emotional starvation and
often end up in abusive relationships.

They have trouble saying ‘no’ even when they know they should.

They often say, “It doesn't matter,” when it really does.

They seldom feel angry, but often hurt.

In the name of peace, they try to avoid talking about problems.

They usually feel that other people’s needs and opinions are more important than their own.

They often apologize.

They would rather give in than to make someone mad.



Often have the; "If I am willing to suffer today I will gain tomorrow" mentality.

Learn that life only has meaning when there’s plenty of suffering going on and truly believe that life is supposed to be a
struggle. Aggressive martyrs form relationships with passive, trembling types. They are usually willing to do without so that others
can have what they want.

They often feel that they have terrible luck.

They feel that it is natural to worry a lot about other people.

Their first impulse is to say "no" when something fun to do comes up.

Their second impulse is to wonder why they tend to refuse a good time.

When life runs smoothly for a while, they begin to anticipate disaster.

Are the drama Mamas who often seek out physical or emotional ailments to then seek the sympathy of others to play

They believe that life is a constant struggle and accept suffering as their lot in life.


They rarely feel that they have accomplished enough.

When they try to relax, they experience more guilt than pleasure.

It often appears to them that others are in their way.

They put less value on personal time than on work time.

They are intimidated by unfinished business.

They spend more time, energy, and effort on projects than on relationships.


They can never be happy or satisfied because the bases for their worth is un-attainable, since nothing is ever perfect on earth.
Nothing is ever quite good enough. They practice becoming who they are then start training others to do the same.

They are often amazed at the incompetence of others.

They can’t stand it when things are out of order.

They find the world to be unpredictability vexing if not intolerable.

They worry a lot about why they haven’t done better.

Personal failure is the worst thing they can think of.

It seems to them that standards are slipping everywhere.

Tap dancers;

They base their self-esteem on staying loose; never making a full commitment and becoming experts at creating back
doors. They are masters of the half-truth and only relate to those who are willing to let them dance around. Caretakers
and people-pleasers are sitting ducks for these, the masters of manipulation.

They find it difficult or impossible to tell anyone the whole truth.

They would rather end a primary relationship than to make a binding commitment.

Figuring out what they can get away with is their excitement.

They have an abiding fear of being “caught” or “cornered”

They always have a “Plan B” in mind for an escape.

To avoid detection, loneliness and boredom these often work hard to stay at the top of their game.


Are prone to be more objective.

Focus on what is happening around them.

Often open and often talkative.

Compare their own perspectives with the perspectives of others.

Enjoy action and initiative.

Tend to be more social.

They say what they are thinking.

They find interest in meeting new people, but quickly cut the ties to un-fulfilling relationships.         


Tend to be more subjective.

They focus on their own thoughts and feelings.

They require their own territory.

They usually appear reserved, quiet and thoughtful.

They tend to have fewer friends.

They often have difficulty in making new friends, often enjoying their solitude.

They do not like unplanned visitors, they do not make unplanned visits.

They often work best alone.

The Sensing Mind;

Tends to deal with information based on it tangible qualities and its affect on other known tangible information. Otherwise known as
the "scientific mind".

Sees everyone and senses everything.

Lives primarily in the here and now.

Quickly adapts to new situations.

Enjoys pleasure more based on the physical sensation.

Tend to be more practical, logical and active.

Are more realistic and self-confident.

The Intuitive mind;

Has the ability to sense information based on its hidden potential. Otherwise known as the "spiritual mind."

Mostly lives in the past or in the future.

These often worry more about the future than the present.

Tend to interested in new or unusual things.

Tend to be sporadic rather than routinised.

Based more on theory, than the actual practice.

Tend to be more pessimistic

The Thinking type;

Has the ability to comprehended information based on physical structure and function.

Are interested in how things work together

Tend to use logic as a basis for their conclusions.

They tend to be more cold or unattached, evaluating things by reason, rather than wrong or right.  

They tend to shelter feelings, just wishing to forget about mishaps.

The Feeling type;

Have the ability to comprehend information based on its initial energetic qualities and interactions.

Tend to feel connected to others without discussing emotions.

Feel connected to people and their feelings.

Tend to have the ability to pass their own moods on to others.

Passion and love is their primary focus.

They seek to categorize everything as either good or bad.

Tend to hold others hostage with their emotions.

Have a tendency to be people pleasers.

Perceiving Types;

Tend to be motivated by the changes in their situations.

Tend to act impulsively rather than rational.

Pick up more than they can finish.

Enjoys lack of responsibility.

Tend to be rather restless.

Ability depends on their mood.

Often unplanned, un-scheduled and often unprepared.

Tend to enjoy being rebellious.      

Judging Types;

Tends to be motivated by their decisions based on changes in their situation.

On a need to know basis.

Planned and calculated.



Tend to complain in order for change to happen, rather than just accepting "That's just the way it is."

Where did the Concept for Astrology Originate?

(L) is Laura, scribe and primary questioner)

Q: (L) "Is astrology in general a false assumption?
A: Astrology is a stepping stone to higher knowledge.

Q: (L) What is the most useful application of astrological concepts as known today?
A: Publishing works which other 3rd density types will gleefully purchase!

Q: (L) I understand that Libra was added to the zodiac and broke Scorpio and Virgo apart.
Were there originally 10 or 11 signs in the zodiac?
A: There have been many combinations.

Q: When did the present 12 sign zodiac begin to be established as it is?
A: 1302 A.D.

Q: And how many signs were there before that?
A: 11

Q: What is the source of the oldest zodiac available to us?
A: Atlantis.

Q: Well, fine, what is the oldest extant source in terms of writings?
A: Egypt.

Q: Well, that could really have an effect on one's astrology!
A: The art of astrology lies within the interpretations of the astrologer, and if accurate, it is because of psychic talents. Same as with
all methods, they are merely mediums." -
The Wave Series Transcripts

Why Are Some More Prone to Commit Crime?

"Q: Okay. Now, earlier we had a discussion about crime, the involvement in crime of black people versus white people, and, looking
at the numbers, it seems that there is an inordinate number of black people involved in crime or criminal activities, or negatively
oriented behavior than white people; the figures are really outstanding: blacks are eight times more likely to commit crimes than

And many of the explanations that are used, such as poverty or discrimination do not seem to account for this disparity, considering
the poverty and discrimination exhibited toward many other ethnic groups with no such relationship. Is there something significant in
this fact, and is there some reason why blacks commit more crimes than whites?
A: First of all, what is it that causes individuals to commit crimes;  secondly, is there any connection between one's race and national
origin or physical state of being and one's proclivity to commit crimes, etc. In other words, this is a broad spectrum subject. In order
for it to be answered adequately, it must be broken down into many consecutive questions.

Q: (L) What is it that causes individuals to commit crimes?
A: Well, now you see, that too, has many answers. We will choose one and then let you contemplate. One answer is, of course, as
we mentioned previously, the alteration of blood, body and brain chemistry through the use of ultra- high frequency sound waves.
Of course, as you can well imagine, one effect that this may have would be what you would refer to as anti-social behavior. Do you
not see this?

Q: (L) I do. Okay, is there anything about a person of a particular race or body type which makes them more susceptible to this
manipulation than another race or person?
A: Well now, that brings into question the physical differences between races, including the obvious body chemistry differences, a
subject that has not been adequately explored on the third density level of existence. For example, it is very obvious the different
"races" as it is called, are human beings that have different chemical make-up in their bodies. Would you not say this?

Q: (L) I would say that might be probable.
A: Now, if one takes this one step further, perhaps if one race has a brain chemistry make-up or blood chemistry make-up that can
alter the emotions in such a way so as to commit what is called anti-social behavior, at least in social environment to which you are
accustomed, then this, perhaps, would explain why there may be a higher percentage of crimes committed by persons of a particular
race as opposed to persons of a different particular race.

Q: (L) Are there any specific chemicals that we could isolate or name that would be involved with this condition?
A: Tumoxifene.

(L) And, what is that?
A: A hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. You'll find this particular hormone to be in high concentrations in persons of what is
referred to as the Negro race.

Q: (L) And why does this hormone make a person susceptible to these ultra-high frequency sound waves, so that they exhibit anti-
social behavior?
A: That's actually a question that skips over some necessary ingredients, however the best way to answer that is that when this
hormone is in high abundance, then one's aggressive nature is heightened, since it already exists in higher levels within individuals
of the Negro race, it does not require much alteration to increase it to what would be referred to as the danger level. Therefore,
aggressive or anti-social behavior can be more easily facilitated in those of the Negro race, and those of other races.

Q: (L) Is it possible, or does it happen, that people of the other races, white, hispanic, or oriental, to have individuals born into those
races, who, by some fluke, have higher levels of this hormone?
A: Are you asking: "Do some individuals of other races besides the Negro race have high levels of that hormone?" Well, obviously
each individual situation is different. It is averages that make up the important composition.

Q: (L) So, this is what we could call, in a general sense, the "Crime Hormone?"
A: It is certainly one of them, anyway. Although, aggressive behavior does not necessarily translate into criminal behavior.

Q: (L) True. What is it in the blacks that tends to make aggressive behavior translate into crime?
A: That question is not answerable when put in that way. Please reverse and ask a more basic foundational question.

Q: (L) Well individuals such as members of the Celtic background are historically and evidentially quite aggressive, yet they do not
as frequently, in fact less frequently, commit crimes as a result of their aggression. Why is this?
A: Well, there is more than one answer, of course. Everyone's chemical nature or make-up is oriented toward their native
environments. Of course, if one thinks of the Negro race as having lived for many thousands, in fact millions, of years in the general
climate and environmental situation they are native to, then perhaps it could be said that a greater level of Tumoxifene would be
needed for survival in that environment.

Now, when removed from that environment to an entirely different environment whereby such chemical balance is not correct for the
new environment, then increased amounts of this chemical may produce aggressive behavior of one or two particular types.
Whereas other races or cultures, when exposed to any stimuli which causes increases or changes in various brain chemistry, this
may cause aggressive behavior of a different sort which can be channeled into more acceptable pursuits within the given society.

Q: (L) Is there anything that can be done chemically to alter this aggression or crime hormone to reduce it or to convert its effects
into other behavior?
A: That's an extremely complicated question because any tampering with chemistry of the brain is similar to what you would describe
in cliche as shooting in the dark at this point in your development, because you do not understand all of the intricacies involved.

Q: (L) Is there a simple, practical action that could be taken to assist members of the black race in reducing this aggressive
A: Well, again, you must realize that this is not a simple black and white issue, no pun intended. What it is, is trying to answer an
extremely difficult question with very simple answers and this will not work because there are so many different directions involved
here. There is just an impossible number of difficulties involved in trying to deal with this.

Apparently you don't see that it is not something where one can simply formulate an injection, for example, and line up all the
members of the black race for this injection. Can you imagine the extreme difficulty in even trying to contemplate such a thing? And,
all of the resistance that would be received from every imaginable corner of your society at even the mere suggestion of such a

Obviously this is a problem that will only be taken care of at a later time, as you measure time, when the shift from 3rd density to 4th
density takes place. There really is no point in trying to climb backwards up the side of a mountain with nothing but your slippery
bare feet and hands to work with. That is what you would be trying to do if you tried to answer such a problem so simply."

Here is Much More to the Story of the Black, and the Other Various Races on Planet Earth;

(L) Why have black people, in general, for most of recorded history, been living in such primitive conditions with such primitive
mind set?
A: Isolation from modern interaction.

Q: (L) Why is this?
A: Karma. Punishment for past society which was cruel master hierarchical." - The Wave Series Transcripts

However, if you read my Primary Home Page, there you will discover why I disagree with the phrase Punishment within that last

You will be amazed when you discover how the description of your first name resembles your personality type.

Behind the Name (HERE)
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