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I wish there were a magic pill or a technique to help us over come our many challenges, but there is not. Most
people have the misconception that the goal of life is to find happiness, and depending upon one's perception, this is
true. However, there are so many contributing factors and reasons for being in physical form. There are as many reasons
why we are here, as there are people to consider why we are in physical form. Physical form is 100 times more difficult
than non-physical form, and is very taxing on our spirit-self.

Most of us have childhood memories of traumas. Difficult relationships with parents, lack of parents, difficult relationships
with siblings, playmates, lovers, teachers, etc... Some have the ability to block traumas, whiles others need someone to
blame for the way they think and feel, so these become angry and resentful.

If I were to guess, I'd say that fear, anger and resentment are among the leading causes of, not only mental health
disorders, but also the primary cause of physical health disorders. It seems that fear, anger and resentment somehow
weaken our immune system, and until we are able to let go of resentments, those negative energies, like a physical
cancer, absorb the vital energies that allow us to live lives of contentment.   

And that is just from what our conscious mind remembers. Few have realized that our subconscious mind also contains a
subconscious memory of past life dramas, leaving most of us wondering why we feel the way we do. The only way I know
of to deal traumas is to learn from them, then forgive the past and everyone whom may seem to have had involvement
and begin living in the here and now, because if we do not learn to let go of any and all negative past energy, that energy
will continue causing us, and those around us, both physical and mental sicknesses.

Apparently, moralistic, thus religious indoctrination is the primary cause of guilt, frustration and shame. Religious morality
creates a feeling of pending doom and judgement that is so deeply ingrained within our societal memory, that it is the
most difficult trauma to over come. In order to overcome such trauma one must firstly understand who gains from human
suffering, and how we can protect our-selves.

Firstly, it is knowledge of Creational Law which protects us, and lack of is what endangers us. Without such
understanding, we are then cannon fire for the
negative energy vampires residing within octaves just above our
current awareness.

To understand this, one must first understand the
loosh effect because there is a fine line between reality and delusion,
stability and chaos and none of us are more than a fraction away from a total breakdown in our perceived reality.

If you better understood the illusion of space/time, where we currently reside, you would better understand how to
overcome the perception of mental instability without the use of mind altering drugs and religious dogma. However, if you
are unwilling to go there in order to
seek a deeper understanding, then lets move on to the physical causes of mood

Before ingesting any form of mind altering substance, whether it is prescribed by an AMA doctor or other drug
dealer, first check for any environmental hazards such as contaminates in food, water and air. Our foods today have
many chemical additives to ensure pest resistance, shelf life, color, texture and favor. These additives can, and do cause
our brains and our bodies to become unstable. Even the water we drink is contaminated with heavy metals, fluorides and
other compounds which are added, some by choice, while others by industrial pollutants. Some of which act as mind
altering substance which then causes instability of both mind and body. Even the air we breath today is laced with
chemical compounds.

"A new report (Feb 2014) finds the number of chemicals contributing to brain disorders in children has doubled since
2006 In recent years, the prevalence of developmental disorders such as autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
(ADHD) and dyslexia have soared. While greater awareness and more sophisticated diagnoses are partly responsible for
the rise, researchers say the changing environment in which youngsters grow up may also be playing a role." -  Lancet
Neurology Journal

Therefore, If you are feeling poorly, first try the process of elimination. Remove foods from your diet you suspect are
causing chemical imbalance such as sodas, fast and other processed foods, alcohol, (tobacco is loaded with chemicals)
etc... for a few weeks in order for your mind and body to repair itself. Once repaired, slowly reincorporate those foods
back into your diet. If you begin feeling crappy again, then you know the cause.

Also, few have yet to realize that the micro-waves being emitted from cell phone/WIFI towers are, not only collapsing
honey bee colonies, but are also causing disruption in peoples emotional state. The micro-wave frequency puts human
minds into a comatose alpha wave state which causes us to become suggestive to all sorts of media programming.
Leaving us to believe if we do not do this, or do this, or take that, or if we do not have that gadget in our possession our
lives will never be full. Once we finally figure out that stuff will not make us happy, next we need to work on our own-self.
Because to Know-thy-self is to understand why the world is the way it is, and why we feel the way that we do.

So what can we do? Firstly, educate your-self. Step outside of the control matrix, cross that scary fringe line and learn
all you can, not only about what goes into your food, your water, household cleaners, hygiene products, the air you
breath, but also try to understand why you are having the
experience that you are having.    

I have linked some resources above in the text for you to consider, there are more below:

There is a link between addiction and mood disorders. And if left untreated, disorders can cause even more severe
disorders, especially suicide.

If you wish to better understand the karmic effect within the hormone known as "Tumoxifene" and how it causes acute
anti-social behavior and an escalated crime mentality, go

For a list of various mental health resources, visit Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students (HERE)

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Here are free Depression & stress tests, along with articles regarding possible explanations and natural treatments for
those suffering depression and other related chemical imbalance.

Copying Skills page explains ways to control anger and other related emotions

Dealing with Death explains the on going process of dealing with the loss of a loved one.

A Mother's Story was written by my wife in regards to the loss of her daughter and how she copes each day.

Twice the same child was delivered to our door. The first time he was a very
sad three year old due to the recent death of his mother and his father's many
incarcerations due to his continued drug use.

One year later, the young man was then placed back into the care of his father,
now a fairly well adjusted person ready to meet the challenges of life. However,
one year later he was again returned to our care, again due to his father's drug
use. However, this time he was a very angry young man with major behavioral
issues facing him.

Within a few weeks his grade school teacher insisted that I take him to see a
psychiatrist in order to place him on psychotropic medication. Knowing that
both his parents were addicts, which caused him to have a genetic
predisposition towards addiction, I then asked for more time to help the young
man deal with his fears by giving him some semblance of security and structure
rather than subjecting him to a possible addiction to psychotropic medication.
Today he is back with his father and being a typical teenager exploring
his boundaries.

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